Hearos Pearls


  • Hearos Pearls Earplugs
  • 5 Pair Pack
  • Soft silicone, pre-rolled ear plug
  • Noise reduction rating of 21Db
  • They provide a great level of noise reduction and comfort
  • Waterproof
  • Protect your hearing from excessive sound levels

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Hearos Pearls are unique, pre-shaped silicone earplugs that are so easy to fit and wear. They have been designed by an ear doctor to protect your ear from noises and water. No rolling is necessary with the silicone earplugs and they offer a confirmed, oise reduction rating of 21 decibels.

Each pack of Hearos Pearls earplugs contains 5 pairs. They are a large sized earplugs, designed for adults and manufactured in the USA.

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