Boots Earplugs Review

We all know Boots – it’s the famous and reliable pharmacy that features on every big high street in the UK. Originally from Nottingham, the company now sells health products to consumers in every part of the country, as well as abroad. A lot of the products sold in store are sold and marketed under the Boots brand. This even includes earplugs.

Boots Earplugs Review

To be honest, the range of earplugs sold by Boots is quite impressive. As well as foam earplugs, the company also sells wax earplugs and more specialised earplugs for swimming or for flying.

For many people, Boots is the place where they buy their earplugs. Often, it will be a last minute impulse purchase before a holiday, at the airport for example. Because the purchase decision is rushed, not much time is put into working out if they are actually any good or if they offer decent value for money.

In this review we will be looking at the most commonly sold Boots earplugs – the range sold as Boots Foam Earplugs. In subsequent reviews, we will focus on the other earplugs sold under the Boots brand name.

Boots Foam Earplugs

The most popular range of earplugs is the Boots Foam Earplug. These come in two pack sizes. The smaller pack size contains 3 pairs of earplugs, the larger pack contains 20 pairs. At time of writing, these sell at £2.80 and £7.20 respectively. A small plastic travel case is included with the both the smaller and larger packs of earplugs. Because most big towns have a branch of Boots, many people start their search for the perfect earplug by buying a box of these.  However, they are not always the best choice.

Some people report that they fall out in the middle of the night ,which is not great if you are looking for a snore blocking earplugs,  or are just trying to block out noise at night. These earplugs will not fit all ears perfectly. After all, we all have different sized ear canals. For this reason, we recommend you find the perfect earplugs by buying an earplugs sample pack. Our Women’s Earplugs Sample Pack and Men’s Earplugs Sample Pack contain all types of earplugs, in all sizes, so that you can find the perfect fit for your unique ears!

boots foam earplugs

Barrel Shaped Earplug

The plugs are beige in colour and barrel shaped. Before being inserted into the ear they must be rolled between the thumb and the finger until compressed. Once inserted into the ear they then expand to fit. The instructions advise that these earplugs can be worn for sleeping, working, travelling or swimming.

The earplugs are approximately 19mm long with a circumference of 11 mm.

boots foam earplugs


A unique feature of these earplugs is that they are washable. This is not normally the case with foam earplugs, which are normally worn and then discarded once they become dirty. How effective the earplugs are after washing remains to be seen. Certainly the instructions advise that the earplugs can only be washed 1 or 2 times. They should also be replaced when they no longer return to their original shape.

Not For Industrial Use

The packaging advise that these earplugs are not suitable for use in industrial applications. There is also no information as to any noise reduction rating for these earplugs. Both of these issues raise serious questions as to how useful these earplugs actually are. If these were for serious hearing protection, they would be suitable for industrial use. They would have also been stringently tested so that the level of noise, in dB, which they block out, would be known.

Are These Earplugs Recommended?

Would we recommend these Boots earplugs. Probably not.  Sure, they are relatively cheap but for a similar price you can buy an industrial grade foam earplug that will offer a high level of hearing protection and comfort. The Boots earplug would struggle to compare.

Earplugs for Sleeping

As an alternative to the Boots Earplugs for sleeping, we would recommend Mack’s Ultra Soft Earplugs or Snore Relief Calming MAX Foam Earplugs. Both offer fantastic levels of noise reduction and comfort. Other good choices are Mack’s SnoreBlockers Earplugs and 3M 1100 UF Foam Earplugs.

Earplugs for Studying

If you were looking use these Boots earplugs for studying, a good alternative would be FirmFit Earplugs as they are also barrel shaped and foam, but they are low pressure and can be worn for extended periods. They also have and SNR of 30dB, which provides excellent hearing protection.

Earplugs for Swimming

We would never recommend foam earplugs for swimming, so we would cannot recommend these Boots earplugs for swimming either. A more suitable alternative would be a specialist earplug for use in water, such as Quies Silicone Earplugs for Swimmers or BioEars Soft Silicone Earplugs.

boots earplugs review

Choose An Earplug Sample Pack

Finding the right earplugs is hard. People are unique and so are their ear canals. This means that an earplug that works really well for one person, might not be as good for another. And vice-versa. To get over this problem we have put together a series of sample packs that contain a wide selection of earplugs. This allows you to try out a whole bunch of different ones before choosing the one that works best for you.

Zoom Health earplug sample packs include various styles of earplugs, in different sizes and shapes. We are well aware that everyone’s ear canal is unique, so it’s essential the we offer a range of size for you to try. This ensure you can find the earplug which fits for maximum ear comfort and effectiveness. Each sample pack contains a selection of foam, silicone and wax earplugs. Give them all a go until you find your favourite. You will then know which ones you need to order in future.

Foam earplugs are a popular choice of many Zoom customers, due to their versatility and affordability. These are just like the Boots ones, made from soft, compressible foam that expands to fill the ear canal, providing a snug fit. The foam material helps to block out unwanted noise, making these plugs ideal for sleeping, studying, or attending concerts and events.

Silicone earplugs are a bit different. They offer a customisable fit and are made from a soft, pliable material that moulds to the shape of your ear canal.

Thus ensuring a secure and comfortable fit, these earplugs are suitable for musicians, swimmers, and individuals who engage in activities where water or sweat may be a concern.

For those who prefer a more natural option, Zoom Health earplug sample packs also include wax earplugs. This type are made from a soft wax material that easily moulds to the contours of your ear canal, providing a snug and personalised fit. We often recommend wax earplugs to individuals with sensitive ears or those who are looking for a hypoallergenic option.

By offering a range of earplug options in our sample packs, our Earplug experts look to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of all of our customers. At Zoom Health, our mantra is that everyone deserves to find the perfect earplug that not only offers the desired noise reduction but also provides comfort and convenience!

Our biggest selling earplug sample packs are our Men’s Earplug Sample Pack and our Women’s Earplug Sample Pack. Once you have bought a Zoom Health earplug pack and discovered the joys of your new favourite earplugs from the sample pack, you can easily order them in larger quantities, ensuring that you always have them on hand whenever you need them. We want to make the process as convenient as possible, so you can enjoy the benefits of noise reduction without any hassle.

Don’t let the challenge of finding the right earplugs hold you back from enjoying peace and quiet. With our sample packs, you can explore different options and discover the perfect fit for your ears. Take the first step towards finding your ideal earplugs by ordering one of our sample packs today. Your ears deserve the rest!

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This post was last updated in July 2023.

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