Boots Wax Earplugs Review

Boots Wax Earplugs are also known as Muffles Wax Earplugs and are part of the wide range of hearing protection products offered by the big name, high-street pharmacy. In this review we will be studying these earplugs to see how they compare against some of the other plugs offered by established earplug brands such as Ohropax and Quies.

Why Use Wax Earplugs?

Wax was one of the first materials used for earplugs and it is still used to this day due to it’s amazing sound-blocking abilities. Wax earplugs are moulded and fitted inside the ear (but not in the ear canal), reducing unwanted and disturbing noises. Whether your being kept awake by your partners snoring or the noisy neighbours next door, wax earplugs will help to block unwanted sounds without causing irritation to your ears.

What in a box of Boots Wax Earplugs?

These Muffles earplugs come in a small box which contains 5 pairs of wax earplugs. What is initially striking is that the earplugs are not covered in cotton. This is unusual as most high-quality wax earplugs are held together by a knitted cotton frame which allows for extra mouldability and durability. Instead the earplugs are bare and take a cylindrical form rather than being round.

boots muffles earplugs

How much do Boots Wax Earplugs cost?

A box of 5 earplugs costs £2.69 at Boots. This equates to 54p per pair which is reasonable and makes them cheaper than Quies Natural Wax Earplugs which work out at 66p per pair or Ohropax Classic Wax Earplugs which work out at 99p per pair. Noise-x wax earplugs are a cheaper option at 66p per pair.

The earplugs themselves are just under 22mm long, with a diameter of 11mm.

boots wax earplugs

How do they perform?

Sound blocking is reasonably high. The box states that they have a NRR of 27 dB, which is good. However, when it comes to moulding them, we found these earplugs really tough to shape. Even with the warmest hands they were hard to mould into the correct shape to fit our ears.They did not feel comfortable enough to put into our ears! We did not like them and would not wear them.

muffles earplugs

Try Before You Buy

Choosing an earplug come down to personal choice. What works for one perosn, does not for another. That’s is why we always suggest that you “try before you buy” by investing in an earplug sample bag which will allow you to sample a wide range of earplugs before deciding on the one that suits you best. Wax earplugs are include in both our men’s and women’s earplug sample packs.