Soft Foam Earplugs – 11 Pairs – Sample Pack


  • 11 Pairs of Earplugs
  • In Storage Bag
  • With Fitting Instructions

When you are looking for earplugs, the choice can be overwhelming!

What type of earplug is best, what size, what material, what type of noise reduction is required.

If only there was an easier way? Well, there is! Our earplug sample bags allow you to find the earplugs that suits you best without having to spend an absolute fortune.

The Best Foam Earplugs for you

Our soft foam earplugs sample bag brings together 11 of our most popular earplugs in one handy sample bag. We ship all earplug bags out same day so you do not need to wait to find the right earplug for you. Also we supply, easy-to-follow instructions that show your graphically how to fit your earplugs. (Believe it or not , many people have no idea how to properly fit earplugs and, if you don’t fit them properly, they won’t work properly!)

The Soft Foam Earplugs Sample Pack contains:

3M EARsoft™ Classic Foam Earplugs
For years, 3M have made some of the best foam earplug. These classic earplugs from 3M are ideal for nighttime and at work. In fact, they can be utilised anywhere where noise is a problem.

Laser Lite Foam Earplugs
Laser Lite earplugs are tapered for extra comfort. They are also a bit longer than some other earplugs, making them easier to hold and put into your ear.

Max Lite Foam Earplugs
If you have smaller ear canals, you might like these earplugs. Max Lite earplugs are made from low pressure foam which makes them good for extended wear.

Moldex Contours Earplugs – SMALL
Moldex Contours come in two sizes and you can try both when you order this sample bag. This smaller earplug is perfect for the smaller sized earplug.

Moldex Contours Earplugs – REGULAR
The regular sized Moldex Contour earplugs are very popular. Compare these to the small ones and see which you like best!

E-A-R Soft FX Earplugs
This is our highest attenuating ear plug, offering an amazing noise reduction of 39dB. A quality earplug from 3M.

Moldex Spark Plugs Foam Earplugs
Made of extra-soft, extra light foam with a tapered end for a super-comfortable fit!

3m 1100 Foam Earplugs
If you happen to prefer  a stiffer foam earplug, you may want to try the 1100 range of earplugs from 3M. Ideal for sleeping and for use anywhere where noise is a problem.

MAX-1 Foam Earplugs
These earplugs from Howard Leight offer an amazing 33 DB sound reduction – one of the most effective foam earplugs on the market today!

Moldex Pura Fit Earplugs
These earplug are really comfortable to wear. Pura Fit are made from super soft foam and lay softly against the ear canal without unnecessary pressure.

Moldex Mellows
Moldex Mellows earplugs are manufactured from extra-soft, extra-light foam. With an SNR of 22 DB, they are designe for usewhen noise is harmful but on a lower level.

Supplied with Earplug Fitting Instructions

All of our sample bags come with easy-to-follow fitting instructions, so that you can be sure that you are getting the maximum benefit from your new earplugs!

We also offer earplug sample bags for men and women.

Note: Earplugs may be added or substitutes made from time to time, depending on stock availability.


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