Emjoi MICRO Pedi Coarse BLUE Replacement Rollers

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  • Coarse Micro-Pedi Roller
  • Light Blue Colour
  • Compatible With Emjoi Micro/Man/Nano
  • Extra Coarse Silver Rollers Also Available

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Pamper Your Feet with Coarse Blue Replacement Rollers for Emjoi Micro Pedi

Is your Emjoi Micro Pedi losing its smoothing power? Restore your at-home pedicure device to full effectiveness with these compatible Coarse Blue Replacement Rollers!

The innovative Emjoi Micro Pedi uses micro-mineral rollers spinning at 30 times per second to safely remove calluses and cracked skin on your feet. But over time, the rollers become less abrasive and need replacing. Don’t discard your whole device – simply swap out the rollers!

These universal coarse blue rollers are designed to work perfectly with the Emjoi Micro Pedi system. The anti-bacterial copper infused into the micro-minerals gently exfoliates without damaging healthy tissue. The 360 degree rollers evenly buff away rough spots and dry skin on heels, toes and soles.

The blue color indicates a medium grit that is ideal for sensitive women’s skin. It effectively smooths away callused layers without being overly abrasive. The velvety finish leaves feet noticeably softer and smoother after each use.

Rejuvenate tired, achy feet with increased circulation from the Micro Pedi’s massaging rollers. Cracked heels and embarrassing shower squeaks from callused skin will be a thing of the past!

While these compatible rollers deliver the same gentle exfoliation as the originals, they come at a more affordable price. Easily replace the rollers yourself after 10-12 uses by pressing the eject button and twisting on a new set.

Don’t let lackluster rollers diminish your at-home pedicure experience. These Coarse Blue Replacement Rollers revive your Emjoi Micro Pedi so you can continue to pamper your feet conveniently from home. Order a set today and look forward to soft, sandal-ready skin!



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