Emjoi MICRO Pedi Super Coarse SILVER Replacement Rollers

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  • Coarse Micro-Pedi Roller
  • Light Blue Colour
  • Compatible With Emjoi Micro/Man/Nano
  • Blue Coarse Rollers Also Available

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Rough, cracked heels and calluses on your feet? The Super Coarse Micro-Mineral Rollers from Emjoi are specially designed to gently yet effectively remove thick, hardened skin on men’s feet. These heavy-duty rollers quickly and painlessly smooth away rough spots, revitalising tired, damaged feet.

The Emjoi Micro Pedi system is a revolutionary at-home pedicure device that utilizes safe, micro-mineral rollers spinning at an incredible 30 times per second to safely and instantly buff away unsightly calluses and cracked heels. The unique 360 degree roller design evenly and effortlessly removes undesirable skin buildup, revealing soft, healthy skin underneath.

Suitable for even the roughest, toughest skin, the Super Coarse rollers feature anti-bacterial copper infused into the micro-mineral material. The copper inhibits bacteria growth while the minerals safely exfoliate without damaging healthy tissue. Men can now experience salon-quality pedicures conveniently in their own homes.

The portable, easy to use Micro Pedi requires no batteries or charging. Simply place your foot on the spring-loaded base and gently glide the unit across areas of thick, rough skin. The high-speed rotation of the micro-mineral rollers smoothly files away dry patches and calluses while stimulating circulation in your feet. Use on feet, heels, and toes as needed to maintain soft, healthy skin.

The Super Coarse rollers quickly transform even the driest, roughest, cracked feet by removing hard, callused layers with ease and no pain. Experience the rejuvenating effects as your feet are left noticeably softer, smoother, and refreshed. The velvety finish of the micro-minerals buffs away roughness without leaving feet raw or irritated.

To maintain effectiveness, Emjoi recommends replacing the Micro Pedi rollers after 10-12 uses. The Super Coarse rollers conveniently eject for quick, simple changes. Just press the eject button on the side of the unit to release the roller cartridge. Slide in a new roller until it clicks securely into place. Give the Micro Pedi a gentle shake to ensure proper insertion before use.

Transform rough, neglected feet with the Emjoi Micro Pedi Super Coarse rollers. Scientifically designed to gently remove the toughest calluses and cracked skin on men’s feet. Experience easy, pain-free at-home pedicures that will leave your feet feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Order your set of replacement Super Coarse rollers today and get back to comfortable, happy feet!



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