Sharps Bin for Needles – 0.25 L


Introducing our new pocket-sized 0.25L sharps bin for safe, one-handed disposal of used needles. With a unique internal locking system and wide opening, this lightweight, durable container prevents sharps from exiting once inserted.


Introducing the new pocket-sized sharps bin for safe disposal of used needles. This innovative 0.25L container is designed for easy, one-handed needle insertion and features a unique locking system to prevent sharps from exiting once deposited.

Crafted from durable yellow polypropylene, this lightweight (40g) sharps bin offers security and portability. The bright yellow colour and biohazard symbol clearly identify the contents for safe handling and disposal.

With a 0.25L capacity, this sharps bin provides space for storing multiple used syringes, lancets or other sharps between proper disposal. The wide opening allows easy depositing at any angle. Once sharps are inserted, the internal flap locks them securely inside.

For on-the-go sharp disposal, choose our revolutionary sharps bin. The clever design and safety features give both patients and clinicians confidence and convenience in containing contaminated sharps. Order today for worry-free portable disposal.

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