Cinnamon: The Surprising Spice for Blood Sugar Balance

You might think of cinnamon as just a tasty spice for baking, but this aromatic bark has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Cinnamon gets a mention in the Bible, and ancient Egyptians used it for way more than flavouring – they even employed it in their mummification rituals! Around 2,700 B.C., one of the earliest Chinese botanical texts highlighted cinnamon’s importance. Back then, this seasoning was so highly prized that it was considered more valuable than gold.

Cinnamon’s Modern Comeback

While cinnamon never really went away, it’s having a major resurgence thanks to some promising research. In recent years, studies have revealed cinnamon’s potential for helping control blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. The flavourful spice may actually have insulin-like effects that allow cells to use glucose more efficiently.

The Research on Cinnamon and Diabetes

Not every early study on cinnamon showed benefits, but more recent clinical trials are painting a consistent picture. In 2011, researchers from UC Davis analysed eight studies and concluded that both whole cinnamon and cinnamon extracts led to statistically significant drops in fasting blood sugar levels. The following year, a meta-analysis from the University of West London looked at six randomised controlled trials with over 400 type 2 diabetics and found cinnamon helped regulate blood sugar.

One 2012 double-blind study is particularly fascinating. For three months, participants took either a placebo or 120-360mg of a water-soluble cinnamon extract daily, along with their diabetes medication. The cinnamon groups experienced decent reductions in fasting blood glucose and triglycerides, though their long-term blood sugar control (HbA1c) didn’t reach ideal levels.

The Latest Cinnamon Study

In 2023, a team of US researchers wrapped up a randomized, double-blind trial that revealed some promising findings. For four weeks, participants took either 4 grams of cinnamon supplements or a placebo daily. Using continuous glucose monitoring and other high-tech tools, the researchers carefully tracked everyone’s blood sugar levels.

And the cinnamon crew came out on top! Their 24-hour glucose levels, as well as their pesky after-meal spikes, were significantly lower compared to the placebo group. The cinnamon seemed to help their bodies use glucose more efficiently overall.

Using Cinnamon Wisely for Diabetes

So cinnamon isn’t a miracle cure, but it can provide support when combined with other healthy habits like diet, exercise, and weight management. The studied extract provided the equivalent of 5-15 grams of regular cinnamon powder. Look for high-quality water-soluble extracts standardised for beneficial type A polymers.

Just sprinkling more cinnamon in your oatmeal isn’t enough, though tasty cinnamon can certainly be part of a diabetic diet. To really move the needle on your blood sugar, you’ll likely need concentrated extracts or supplements. As with any supplement, check with your doctor first, especially if you’re taking medications that cinnamon could interact with.

Lindens High Strength Cinnamon Tablets

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The Takeaway on Cinnamon and Blood Sugar

While more research is still needed, current evidence suggests cinnamon extracts may help improve blood sugar control for people with type 2 diabetes when used alongside other treatments. This centuries-old spice may just be a delicious new tool in managing one of modern society’s most prevalent chronic diseases. Who could’ve guessed the humble cinnamon stick would turn out to be such a powerhouse?

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