Lavender Essential Oil (Lavendula Augustifolia) 10ml

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  • 100% Pure and Natural Lavender Essential Oil – Suitable for use in aromatherapy when mixed with a carrier oil or base product
  • 10ml Bottle
  • Relaxing, Soothing & Restoring
  • Country of Origin: France

History tells us that lavender oil has been used for various religious and medicinal uses for over 2500 years and is the most multi-purpose of all vital oils. This 100% pure lavender oil has been chosen by our qualified practitioner for its therapeutic qualities. Supplied in a beautiful, thick glass bottle to protect the oil from light and breakage.

Aromatic Scent: Lavender French Essential Oil has a sweet floral note which is enjoyed by many.
Colour: Pale clear to yellow liquid.
Consistency: Thin
Description: Lavender is an evergreen woody shrub, up to 1 meter tall, with pale green, narrow linear leaves and violet blue flowers.
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Latin Name: Lavandula Angustifolia
Note: Top
Origin: France
Plant Part: Flower
Strength of Aroma: Strong

Blends well with: Bay, Bergamot, Chamomile, Citronella, Clary Sage, Geranium, Jasmine, Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Pine, Thyme, Rosemary, Rosewood and Ylang-ylang.

How to use Lavender Essential Oil

  • Baths: blend 5-8 drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil and add to bath
  • Massages: add 2-3 drops of essential oils to 1 tablespoonful of carrier oil
  • Vaporisation: add 2-4 drops of essential oils to a burner, aroma stone or aroma stream

The Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

This essential oil is extracted from the lavender plant using a steam distillatory. It has a large number of therapeutic uses including the treatment of diabetes mellitus, insomnia and eczema. It can also be used to cure skin irritations and cleanse bruises. Lavender oil has a chemically complex structure with over 150 active constituents, which explains its effectiveness at helping with everything from insect bites to rheumatism. If you have a bottle of lavender oil with you then you have your own medicine, your perfume and your first-aid kit with yourself all the time. Some of the medicinal benefits of this amazing oil are given as follows:

  1. Recovers eczema and psoriasis: Infused lavender oil (a few drops of lavender oil & carrier oil) onto dry, itchy skin cures the infection and gives comfort to the person who is suffering from this skin disease.
  2. Improves sleep: Insomniac patients who have trouble sleeping can use lavender oil which will help them fall asleep. Sprinkling four to five drops of lavender oil on the pillow will help to lull an insomniac to sleep. Usually for babies, 1 drop of lavender oil and geranium oil mixed in carrier oil is used to massage a babies back.
  3. Balances Blood sugar: Lavender oil plays a significant role in protecting the body from diabetes by working to decrease the glucose in blood, avoiding metabolic disorders (especially fat metabolism) and weight gain. It also acts to counter the liver and kidney antioxidant depletion and dysfunction in patients with blood sugar disorders.
  4. Reduces anxiety and emotional stress: Lavender mist sprayed on ones face helps people avoid anxiety and stress.
  5. Restores skin complexion and reduces acne: Lavender oil inhibits the bacteria that cause the skin infection, helps to rebalance the over-secretion of sebum, which the bacteria thrive on, and reduce scarring. It also restores skin complexion.
  6. Heals burns and wounds: Using lavender oil pain relief is almost immediate, and burn usually heals without scarring.
  7. Anti-oxidant protection: The radical-scavenging antioxidant activity of lavender is more robust than ascorbic acid.
  8. Alleviates headaches: Lavender is also used to treat neurological issues like migraines, stress, anxiety and depression.
  9. Muscle Relaxant: Spasmodic muscles can be relaxed using lavender oil. A lavender bath in which you add oil to the bathing water can soothe aches and pains.
  10. Treats Sunburn: Spraying lavender mist on the sunburnt skin can bring back the original complexion of the skin, preventing the skin from being scarred for a long time.
  11. Cures Sinusitis: Lavender is one of several essential oils that aroma therapists recommend for inhalations to relieve sinusitis. Adding drops of lavender & thyme oil to a bowl of steaming water and inhaling slowly and deeply, with a towel over one’s head and shoulders provides relief to a patient suffering from sinusitis.
  12. Remedy against Menstrual Cramps: Massaging a few drops of lavender oil onto one’s lower abdomen takes away the menstrual pain.
  13. Treatment of Scabies: It is advised that a scabies patient rubs the whole body with neat lavender oil, then following every day until better with a mixture of lavender oil and alcohol. It is necessary that the patient changes and washes bedding and clothes and sprinkles lavender oil on the mattress.
  14. Bugs go away using lavender oil: Bugs and bacteria are killed using lavender oil sprays which prevent the spread of diseases.
  15. Antibiotic resistant staph bacteria and fungus killing: It has been scientifically proved that lavender oil acts to counter the action of antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungus which contaminate and cause infections in the human body.

Try Our Lavender Essential Oil Blends

All essential oil blends are for aromatherapy use only and are not for ingesting!

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An enlivening and revitalising Lavender essential oil blend. We are sure that this combination will help you with athletic performance and general confidence.

6 drops Lavender Essential Oil
4 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil
3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

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Looking for focus? Trying to kick-start your motivation? Try this amazing Lavender blend which will help you get what you want and find the concentration you need to achieve your goals.

6 drops Lavender Essential Oil
2 drops Black Pepper Essential Oil
2 drops Lime Essential Oil
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