Howard Leight Laser Lite Earplugs Review

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for health, wellbeing, and productivity. However, many factors can disrupt sleep – uncomfortable beds, stress, blue light from screens, and noise. For those struggling with noisy environments, a good pair of earplugs can make all the difference in getting restful shut-eye.

Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs are an affordable and effective option to consider. Here is an in-depth review of the features, pros, cons, and overall performance of these popular earplugs.

About Howard Leight Laser Lite Earplugs

The Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs are made by Honeywell Safety Products, under their Howard Leight brand. Howard Leight is one of the leading manufacturers of hearing protection and amplification equipment.

The Laser Lite earplugs feature a contoured T-shape design made from self-adjusting polyurethane foam. They are designed to quickly expand to fit the unique shape of the wearer’s ear canal. Once inserted, the high-density foam moulds to the ear and blocks noise entering the ear canal.

Howard Leight states these earplugs have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 25 decibels. This means they can theoretically block almost 25dB of sound, reducing loud noises to much quieter levels. The contoured T-shape is intended to make the earplugs easier to insert correctly while providing secure noise blocking.

The Laser Lite earplugs are available in corded and uncorded versions. The cords are useful for workers who wear earplugs frequently, preventing loss or drop risk. For most consumer uses like sleeping, the uncorded plugs are likely the better choice.

Packaging and Pricing

The Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs are primarily marketed to workers seeking hearing protection from machinery and construction noise. However, they are also popular with motorcyclists, concert-goers, and those looking to block noise at home.

The plugs come packaged in polybags containing 10 pairs each. These are usually clamshell packaged in boxes of 200 or 300 pairs, intended for workplace purchases. However, most major online retailers sell multi-packs of 10, 20, or 50 pair bulk packs for individual buyers.

Pricing is quite affordable, thanks to the disposable foam construction. At Zoom Health, prices range from £3.84 for 10 pairs. The more you buy, the lower the per-pair cost is. Overall, these represent an excellent value compared to more expensive wax or moulded options.

Noise Reduction Performance

The most important factor in choosing earplugs is their ability to actually block sound and allow you to sleep. According to Howard Leight’s specifications, the Laser Lite earplugs have a noise reduction rating of 25 decibels.

NRR is measured by testing a sample group’s hearing with and without earplugs to determine the amount of sound attenuation provided. The higher the NRR, the better noise blocking you can expect. An NRR of 25 is moderately high for foam earplugs. For comparison, cheap generic foam earplugs often range from 20-23dB NRR. Higher grade moulded silicone or wax earplugs can block around 30dB.

In real-world use for sleeping, the Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs significantly muffle noise. Both high and low frequency sounds are attenuated. With the plugs inserted properly, noises seem distant and hollow rather than eliminated entirely. The experience is akin to listening from underwater or temporarily blocking your ears with your fingers.

Most users report the Laser Lite earplugs block enough sound for sleeping in noisy environments. They are especially effective for blocking intermittent noises like snoring, vehicles, footsteps, and barking dogs. For very loud noises like concerts or construction work, the noise reduction may not be enough, so the silicone or wax plugs with higher NRR would be recommended instead.

Comfort and Fit

In addition to blocking noise, comfort is key when choosing earplugs for sleeping. If they cause pain or frequently fall out during the night, earplugs can actually detract from restful sleep.

Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs receive mixed reviews for comfort and fit. The tapered T-shape foam is designed for easy insertion. Users must roll and compress the plug into a small cylinder, then insert it deeply into the ear canal.

When properly positioned, the Laser Lite earplugs expand and mould to fill the ear comfortably. The foam adapts to the exact shape of each user’s ear canal. Most report the plugs are comfortable once expanded and do not cause pain or pressure.

However, some users with smaller ear canals find the foam plugs still too large even when compressed during insertion. This can lead to discomfort and frequent dislodgement. The earplugs may not form an airtight seal for users with very narrow ear canals.

Additionally, the foam material can irritate some wearers. The plugs must expand firmly to hold their position, which applies pressure to the ear canal’s sensitive skin. Reusing old, dirty earplugs also increases irritation risk. For these reasons, reusability is limited.

Overall, the Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs can potentially provide excellent comfort when sized properly to each user’s ears. However, for some wearers, the foam fails to fit correctly or causes discomfort over time. Trying a smaller size or a different material like silicone may help in those cases.

Durability and Longevity

One downside to polyurethane foam earplugs is their relative lack of durability compared to higher-cost options like silicone, thermoplastic, or custom-molded plugs.

The Laser Lite earplugs are designed to be disposable. Each pair should be used once or a few times at most before being discarded. The foam can accumulate dirt, sweat, and earwax when reused, becoming unsanitary and ineffective.

Most users report the Howard Leight earplugs last through one night’s sleep if sized and inserted properly. However, they frequently become dislodged or fall out at some point during the night. Sleep position changes tend to push the plugs out of the ear canal.

Additionally, the foam loses its expansion and resilience when used repeatedly. This results in poorer noise blocking and looser fit over time. Storing the earplugs in their case helps prolong usability slightly. Overall, the Laser Lite earplugs are highly disposable rather than built for longevity.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Effective moderate noise reduction
  • Comfortable fit when sized properly
  • Easy to insert foam shape
  • Individually sealed pairs stay hygienic


  • Short lifespan with limited reusability
  • Can irritate some wearers’ ear canals
  • Foam doesn’t fit smaller ear canals well
  • Not as durable or high-blocking as silicone plugs
  • May fall out during night as user shifts

Who Should Buy Howard Leight Laser Lite Earplugs?

Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs deliver decent noise blocking for the low price. They are ideal for:

  • Occasional users who want disposable, affordable earplugs just for specific noisy events.
  • Those with average-sized ear canals that can fit foam earplugs comfortably.
  • People who want good but not extreme noise blocking for sleeping. The 25dB NRR is enough for most environments.
  • Users who want the quick comfort of foam without investing in pricier custom options.

Alternatives to Consider

The Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs have some drawbacks that may make other earplugs a better choice for some users’ needs:

  • Moldex SparkPlugs – Higher NRR of 33dB.
  • Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs – Softer silicone doesn’t press the ear canal. 30 NRR.
  • Etymotic Research ER20 Earplugs – Pre-moulded triple flange silicone plugs. 20dB NRR but very comfortable fit.
  • Earasers Musician Earplugs – Softer silicone in stylish designs. 19dB NRR. Good for concerts.
  • Custom-fitted plugs from an audiologist – Expensive but custom moulded to your ears for perfect fit and comfort.


For an affordable foam earplug, the Howard Leight Laser Lite plugs are a reliable choice. They provide medium noise reduction suitable for sleeping in noisy environments. While not the most durable or highest-blocking option, the Laser Lite earplugs get the job done at a fraction of the price of custom plugs. Just take care to replace them frequently and size them properly to your ear canal. Overall, the Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs are one of the best deals available for disposable earplugs.

Photo by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Health

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