Hearing Your Alarm Clock Through Earplugs

Tips to Wake Up On Time

Wearing earplugs at night can be a great way to block out noise and get a good night’s sleep. However, this can make it difficult to hear your morning alarm clock. Nothing is more frustrating than being late because your alarm didn’t wake you up!

If you want to keep using earplugs but need to make sure you’re up on time, there are several effective solutions. In this article, we’ll go through 5 simple ideas to help you hear your alarm clock clearly even when wearing earplugs.

Use a Loud Alarm Sound

The first thing to try is choosing a very loud alarm sound on your phone or alarm clock. Look through the options and pick the loudest, most jarring sound you can find. This piercing alarm is more likely to cut through the muffling effect of the earplugs.

You can also turn the volume all the way up on the device so the alarm is as loud as possible. Placing your phone right next to your pillow instead of on your nightstand can help the sound be closer and more noticeable too.

Get a Vibrating Alarm Watch or Fitness Tracker

If a loud alarm sound isn’t enough, adding a vibrating alarm can help wake you up. Many smart watches and fitness trackers have this feature. The vibration on your wrist will alert you even if you don’t hear the sound.

You can find affordable, basic Fitness Trackers on Amazon. Or invest in a smart watch like an Apple Watch or Fitbit Versa for extra features. Wear the watch or tracker to bed each night and set the vibrating alarm to go off when you need to get up.

Try a Special App for Heavy Sleepers

Another option is to download an alarm app designed specifically for heavy sleepers. These apps have extra loud, amplified alarm tones made to cut through anything blocking the sound.

For iPhone, Alarmy is a¬†good options. On Android, Piercing Alarm Clock and Extra Loud Alarm Clock are worth a try. You’ll have to experiment to see which app works best for you.

Silicone Ear Plugs

Use Earplugs with a Lower Noise Reduction Rating

Switching to earplugs that block less sound can allow you to still reduce noise for sleeping while also hearing your alarm better. Look for “acoustic” earplugs made for listening to music that have lower noise reduction ratings (NRR).

Mack’s Hear Plugs have an NRR of only 20 compared to 30+ for regular foam earplugs. Silicone earplugs, such Hush Plugz Silicone Earplugs often have lower NRRs around 22 as well. While less sound blocking, these earplugs make it easier to hear alarms.

Get an Alarm Clock with a Bed Shaker

For very deep sleepers, a vibrating alarm clock with a bed shaker accessory can help wake you up. The shaker goes under your pillow or mattress and shakes you awake when the alarm goes off.

The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock has this feature along with a very loud sound up to 113 decibels! Having both the alarm tone and bed shaker makes it nearly impossible to sleep through your morning alarm.

Add Light to Your Alarm Routine

Since waking up naturally with the sunrise is ideal, you can try simulating that morning light with alarm clocks. Wake-up light alarms gradually increase light to mimic the sunrise. Or use an outlet timer to have a bright lamp turn on with your regular audio alarm.

The light cues your body that it’s time to wake up. Combining light with your alarms creates a foolproof morning routine so you never sleep through it. Have a look at Light Awake if you want a simple app on your phone that can wake you up with light.


Using earplugs can make mornings a struggle when you can’t hear your alarm go off. With some simple adjustments like trying vibration alarms or louder alarm sounds, you can continue blocking noise at night while ensuring you wake up on time. Experiment to find the right alarm methods that work for your situation.

Stay persistent, and you’ll find a solution that allows you to use earplugs to sleep soundly while still being able to wake up refreshed and punctual. Pleasant dreams and productive mornings ahead!

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