Egg Allergy Test Kit


  • Simple, rapid test from a single, small finger prick sample.
  • Results in just 30 minutes
  • As reliable as a hospital test
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About the Imutest Egg Allergy Test Kit

The inventor of the Imutest, Doctor John Rees, stated that although food allergies are most common in very young children, they also affect around one million adults in the United Kingdom. One of the most common food allergies is egg allergy, with symptoms including swelling lips and face, itching, wheezing and shortness of breath, dry itchy tongue and throat, vomiting, headaches, diarrhoea, and even anaphylaxis.

The Imutest Egg Allergy Test Kit was designed as a simple test to be carried out in the privacy of your own home, to determine if you or your child are sensitive to allergens which are found in the whites of hens’ eggs. The protein in the egg-white of a hen’s egg is quite a common trigger for food allergies, and the Imutest can quickly confirm if you have an allergy to eggs. Completely safe for every member of your family to use, the Imutest Egg Allergy Test Kit is simple and convenient to use, and you’ll know within 30 minutes whether an allergic reaction to eggs is what’s triggering your symptoms.

How the Imutest Egg Allergy Test Kit Works

A simple test done in the privacy and comfort of your own home involving a small sample of blood from a finger-prick can provide results in around 30 minutes. Similar to allergy testing techniques used in hospital laboratories, the Imutest Egg Allergy Kit can detect increased levels of allergy (IgE) antibodies.

Follow the six easy steps as outlined in the instructions, and you’ll be able to detect if you have raised levels of IgE allergy antibodies against proteins in hens’ eggs. Should you achieve a positive result, simply make an appointment with your local health practitioner with a view to discussing the best way to manage your allergy.

It’s important to understand that receiving a positive result to an egg allergy can significantly impact on your quality of life. You will need to read food labels very carefully, and constantly be aware of what you’re eating. The benefit of using the Imutest Egg Allergy Test Kit is that you will now be armed with helpful information, allowing you to seek the best dietary and medical advice to effectively manage or even eliminate your symptoms. Testing can be done at any time of the year, and medication will not affect your results.

More information on Imutest Allergy Test Kits can be found on the Allergy FAQ page.

Benefits of the Imutest Egg Allergy Test Kit –

  • The Imutest Egg Allergy Test is a quick and simple home health test
  • The Imutest is as accurate as a doctor’s allergy test
  • Testing is suitable for the whole family
  • No need to wait for a doctor’s appointment
  • Simply follow six easy steps to achieve quick results
  • No need to send samples away to a laboratory
  • Using the Imutest Egg Allergy Test Kit you can quickly confirm or discount an allergy to egg protein

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