Allergy Testing FAQs


We’ve put together a list of the most common questions that we get from customers who are interested in purchasing an Imutest allergy test kit. If the question you have can’t be found, then get in touch with us – we’re more than happy to help.

Is the imutest allergy test suitable for use on children?
There are no age limits to who can use an Imutest allergy test kit. The egg, milk, dust mite, cat, and airborne allergy kits are all suitable for any child or adult.

One exemption is the Imutest Allergy Check Kit which detects total IgE levels. This test should not be used on children below the age of 6 as their immune system is still developing and conducting allergy tests may cause severe health problems.

My results showed as negative, but I’m still concerned?
Imutest tests use the IgE antibody to determine if an allergy is present. Clinicians consider this type of test to be at the bottom of the “disease state range”. But, even if your IgE antibodies are below the normal range, there’s still the possibility of an allergy.

If the test shows as negative but an allergy is actually lurking, this may be because you have an allergy to proteins that aren’t typically known for causing allergies or because you’re allergic to something that wasn’t tested for. Please get in touch with your GP to discuss further testing if you are concerned for your health.

A negative result was shown for egg/milk, is it still okay for me to consume these?
If a negative result is shown for these things but you still aren’t certain that you have a food allergy, make an appointment with your GP as soon as possible (this is incredibly important if you have shown symptoms when eating certain foods).

Imutest tests are designed around detecting the IgE antibody levels in your system. Typically, these levels will be higher if you are allergic but even if the IgE levels are within normal range, having an allergy is still a possibility. It could be that your allergy is to proteins which aren’t known for causing allergies, or that you’re allergic to an allergen which wasn’t tested.

Any concerns should be discussed with your doctor.

Are the Imutest test kits accurate?
Every allergy test that Imutest produces is CE marked and has been assessed by an independent team of qualified EU Notified Bodies. The assessment consists of performance data analysis where a comparison of Imutest’s results is carried out with results that are received from independently run laboratories who use the gold standard IgE testing method.

From this comparison, it was proven that Imutest kits yield a result of more than 90% correlation (in regard to both negative and positive samples). As such, the overall accuracy of an Imutest test kit is over 90%.

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