EARsoft FX Corded Earplugs


  • Corded Earplugs from 3M
  • Smooth tapered finish makes fitting easier
  • Also helps form a comfortable fit
  • High protecting earplug with a SNR = 39 attenuation rating

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At Zoom Health we have a great range of corded earplugs and these EARsoft FX Corded Earplugs are amongst our favourites.

We like the fact that these 3M earplugs feature a bell shape and super-soft, slow-recovery foam. This allows them to effectively seal the ear canal and provide reliable hearing protection. Flared end helps make fitting and removal easier.

Another positive with these earplugs is that they are made from a soft, pliable foam which offers comfort for wearing over an extended time. This slow recovery foam effectively seals the ear canal and helps provide reliable hearing protection.

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