Devil’s Claw: A Natural Remedy for Back Pain Relief

Are you one of the many people struggling with nagging back pain? If so, you might want to learn about a herbal remedy called Devil’s Claw that could provide the relief you’ve been seeking.

What is Devil’s Claw?

Devil’s Claw is a plant that grows in the sandy, dry regions of southern Africa. For centuries, indigenous cultures have used the roots of this unique plant to treat inflammation, fever, and pain. Nowadays, it’s become a popular natural treatment for various types of arthritis, muscle aches, and – you guessed it – back pain.

The root contains special plant chemicals like harpagoside that have potent anti-inflammatory effects. But interestingly, research shows the whole root seems to work better than just isolated chemicals. It’s one of those amazing examples of how nature’s design often outsmarts our attempts to single out individual compounds.

How Does It Work for Back Pain?

Devil’s Claw doesn’t completely block inflammatory pathways like prescription anti-inflammatories. Instead, it gently puts the brakes on multiple pathways involved in the inflammatory process. This more well-rounded approach avoids the harsh side effects that can come with totally shutting down just one or two inflammatory pathways.

Pretty clever for a humble root from the desert, eh? By moderating several pro-inflammatory agents like TNF-alpha, Devil’s Claw can provide relief for nagging muscle aches and joint discomfort – including that all-too-familiar lower back pain.

The Research Backs It Up

But don’t just take my word for it. Multiple studies have specifically looked at Devil’s Claw for treating low back pain, and the results are quite promising:

  • In one study, 174 patients took Devil’s Claw tablets twice daily and experienced significant improvements in pain levels and mobility.
  • Another randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled trial with 197 participants found that two daily doses of Devil’s Claw were significantly more effective than placebo for relieving back pain.
  • A Cochrane review highlighted these and another study showing Devil’s Claw outperformed placebo for low back pain relief.

Beyond just back pain, research also shows Devil’s Claw can help with other types of joint pain and rheumatic issues. One study even found it reduced overall body pain by up to 58% in patients with mild to moderate rheumatism.

Using Devil’s Claw Responsibly

As with any herbal supplement, it’s important to use Devil’s Claw responsibly. The plant is at risk of over-harvesting, so be sure to buy from reputable companies committed to sustainable sourcing practices.

Devil’s Claw is generally considered safe when taken at normal therapeutic doses. However, those with heart conditions may want to consult their doctor first, just to be cautious. It’s also not recommended for anyone with active stomach ulcers since it has a bitter quality.

Finding Relief for Your Back

If you’re dealing with persistent back pain, Devil’s Claw could be worth a try based on the promising research. Consider combining it with other natural therapies like glucosamine, magnesium, arnica gel, or even acupuncture for enhanced pain relief.

Of course, back pain can sometimes indicate a more serious underlying issue. If you have severe, persistent, or worsening pain – especially accompanied by concerning symptoms like fever, weight loss, or numbness – be sure to get evaluated by your doctor right away.

But for run-of-the-mill muscle aches and joint discomfort? This humble desert root just might be your new best friend for finding sweet relief. Why not give the power of Devil’s Claw a shot?

Lindens Devils Claw Formula Tablets

Lindens is one of the leading suppliers of vitamins and supplements in the UK. They are a manufacturer that adheres to the highest quality standards, holding ISO 9001 Certification and being recognised as an Investor in People. This is why Zoom Health has partnered with Lindens to offer their supplements to our customers.

These Devils Claw Formula Tablets are a specially formulated botanical supplement containing a blend of whole herbs and concentrated, standardized extracts. It includes 225mg of Devil’s Claw root powder, an extract from Cat’s Claw bark standardized to provide 1mg alkaloids and 5mg polyphenols, as well as White Willow bark and Garlic clove powders.

The recommended dosage is to take one or two tablets three times daily with water. Each pack contains 90 tablets, which would last 45-90 days when following the suggested dosage of 1-2 tablets three times per day.

Photo “Devil’s Claw” by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Health

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