Clove Bud Essential Oil (Eugenia caryophyllata) 10ml

Clove Bud Essential Oil (Eugenia caryophyllata) 10ml

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This 100% pure Clove Bud essential oil has been chosen by our qualified practitioner for its therapeutic qualities. Supplied in a beautiful, thick glass bottle to protect the oil from light and breakage. The bottle is supplied with an internal dropper calibrated at 0.05ml and a leak-resistant, tamper-evident seal.

  • Colour: Burnt Orange
  • Country of Origin: Madagascar
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
  • Fragrance Note: Middle to Base
  • Plant Part: Bud
  • Scent: Rich, Spicy, Sweet

In our experience,  Clove Oil blends particularly well with Basil, Benzoin, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Ginger, Lavender  and Sandalwood.

The Health Benefits of Clove Bud Oil

Clove buds are extremely appreciated as a spice. The unique scent and flavour make them perfect for preparing steaks, stews and, why not, as a spice in a hot cup of wine in the cold season. But how many of you know the benefits towards the health, of clove bud essential oil? Not too many apparently, since it is mainly used for its flavour and less for its health benefits. So don’t go anywhere, as you are about to find out what advantages clove bud essential oil can give you if you use it other than in the food!

The habit of growing clove trees for their aromatic properties dates back 2,000 years ago. The leaves, buds, and twigs of the tree are all used as a spice, due to the one of a kind aroma it can bring to food. Still only the clove buds can be distilled, and turn into an oil with special effects. The oil can be used both externally and internally, but it is highly recommended to be used only in a diluted form, due to its high potency.

Clove Oil for Toothache

The oil’s most known properties are the antibacterial ones. For this reason, it is very much used for teeth issues and aches. In case you experience a toothache, even if it is a severe one, just take a small cotton swab, apply a few drops of this oil on it and then just place it on the gums around the aching tooth. The pain will rapidly go away and will give you some piece of mind. It is much better than to keep popping pain medicine each time you experience a toothache.

Don’t hesitate to use the oil in the same manner if you went through a dental intervention of any kind. Whether it was an extraction or any other procedure that implied pain, the oil can have a numbing action on the affected area, prolonging the effect of the anaesthesia. Also, it will stop the spreading of the irritation beyond the affected area, reducing the recovering time. And, as well, if you experience any throat irritation, you can apply the oil directly on the skin, as it will work and sooth the area even so.

Clove Oil for Digestion and much more …

But clove oil is much more than just a remedy for teeth. It can also help with problems of the digestion since it has a warming effect, and it work great as a stimulator. Just dilute the oil with water and then apply this solution on the abdomen. You will feel a slight warming effect and the oil will stimulate the digestive tract, to restore the initial balance. And in case of nausea, you can add just a drop of clove bud essential oil to your herbal tea, and you will feel better immediately. It will work wonders on sprains and muscular aches, so don’t hesitate to rub some oil on the affected area to relieve the stress. The disinfecting properties of this oil can be used for respiratory problems during a cold. But this time the oil will be used in a vapour bath, to inhale the vapours. And for the people that suffer from joint illnesses, such as arthritis, just add eight drops of clover oil to any other two ounces of oil, almond or jojoba for example, and just massage the affected area.


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