Cat Allergy Test Kit


  • Simple, rapid test from a single, small finger prick sample.
  • Results in just 30 minutes
  • As reliable as a hospital test
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Imutest Cat Allergy Test Helps You Learn If You’re Allergic To Cats

Do you love cats but think you may be allergic to them?  Why not find out easily with the at-home Imutest Cat Allergy test? The test will let you know if you have a sensitivity to the feline’s skin and hair.

The most common pet allergy is the cat allergy, and if you suffer from allergy symptoms – rashes, itching, runny nose, coughing, watery eyes, wheezing and shortness of breath – when you’re around a cat, you could be inflicted with a cat allergy.

How Does The Imutest Cat Allergy Test Work?

The great thing about the Imutest Cat Allergy Kit is that anybody can use it safely. It works by detecting the levels of IgE allergy antibodies in the blood. People who have an allergy to cats will have a positive result if certain antibodies are in the above normal range.

This home health test, which takes 30 minutes if done right, has six steps to follow. There’s no need to send the results away to be examined, and it’s just a dependable as a doctor’s test would be.

More information on Imutest Allergy Test Kits can be found on the Allergy FAQ page.

What Advantages Does The Imutest Cat Allergy Test Kit Provide?

  • Provide you with definite proof of a cat allergy
  • Safe testing for everybody in the family
  • Just as dependable as a doctor-given test
  • Six easy steps to test if you have an allergy to cats
  • Results revealed in 30 minutes

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