Imutest Allergy Check Kit


  • Simple, rapid test from a single, small finger prick sample.
  • Results in just 30 minutes
  • Easy to use home health test
  • As reliable as a hospital test
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Imutest have created a self-screening Allergy Check product that is incredibly easy to use, and which can quickly let you know if the symptoms you are experiencing are allergy related.

In some cases, the symptoms that you see come from causes that have nothing to do with your allergy, with food intolerance often one of the causes. With Innutest Allergy Check, a single finger prick test will deliver clinically proven results that will show you the level of allergy antibodies, or IgE, in your blood.

Allergy Check is as effective as lab tests performed in hospitals, and you will have your results in 30 minutes or less. Best of all, these tests can be performed in your own home.

How Does the Imutest Allergy Check Work?

As long as you are over the age of 6, you can take advantage of the clinically proven Innutest Allergy Check self-screening kit. The test is designed to measure the IgE levels in your blood to determine whether an allergy is causing your symptoms.

Allergy Check can be used year-round, and the results will not be affected by any types of medication. The kit comes with an easy to read information guide that lets you know which specific allergy is causing the problems if your results come back positive.

More information on Imutest Allergy Test Kits can be found on the Allergy FAQ page.

Why Use the Imutest Allergy Check?

When you discover the allergens that are causing your symptoms, you can then talk to your doctor about the steps you can take to treat the symptoms or even rid yourself of the allergy permanently.

Benefits of the Imutest Allergy Check:

– Most common allergies can be tested using the kit
6 easy to follow steps lead you to the results
– No hospital visit or doctor appointment required
– Results delivered in around 30 minutes

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