Protect You Ears with Alpine Worksafe Earplugs

Many people more often than not carry out DIY work in a very noisy environment daily. This group of individuals may end up suffering hearing loss eventually. If you engage in any type of work in noisy environments, you need to start wearing hearing protection to avoid hearing loss. With Alpine WorkSafe earplugs, sawing, drilling, lawn mowing, and carpentry works in and around your home becomes extremely comfortable. The WorkSafe special Alpine Acoustic Filters absorbs damaging noise while still enabling you to hear warning signals and conversations. This is just the right hearing protection for all those that work in noisy environment and are concerned about their hearing and safety.

The Alpine Earplug model

WorkSafe have been around for more than 20 years and this has made it possible for them to develop just the perfect earplug model. The earplugs underwent series of shape testing and plans, and are able to provide a natural flat absorption, as well as a great fit for the ears.

WorkSafe Acoustic Filters

The WorkSafe earplugs comes with acoustic filters, which offer heavy absorption that stops harmful noise from getting through to your ear. The filters specifically reduce the noise to a safe level that you can endure effortlessly during your work period. In addition, you’re still able to converse with your colleagues and hear warning signals around you while wearing the earplugs.

Alpine Thermo Shape Material

The WorkSafe earplugs were made to be a pleasant fit without any discomfort whatsoever. The earplugs are produced from Alpine Thermo Shape material, which takes on the shape of the ear canal. This makes it possible for the earplugs to perfectly fit the ear and stay in place at all times during work. There are no allergic reactions to be worries about because the material is a hypoallergenic and does not contain silicones.