Alpine WorkSafe Earplugs for DIY and Work

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  • Extremely comfortable due to soft AlpineThermoShapeâ„¢ material
  • Can be worn throughout the day
  • Convenient compact carrying case
  • Carrying cord to prevent loss
  • No silicone
  • Reusable
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If you do a lot of DIY or have a job that involves you working in a very noisy environment, then you need to think about how you can best protect your ears from the dangers of hearing loss. Too much noise can damage your hearing permanently and it is always advisable to look at hearing protection that you can use whenever you need to.

Alpine have developed WorkSafe earplugs especially for those who are regularly active in noisy environments. Sawing, drilling, grinding, carpentry and lawn mowing all become a bit more comfortable when you are wearing these earplugs. Each earplug incorporates a special acoustic filter which blocks out harmful noise whilst still allowing conversations and warning noises to be heard perfectly. This unique feature makes WorkSafe earplugs ideal for any serious DIY fan who is concerned about their own safety and health.

Revolutionary Earplug Design

Alpine have spent twenty years developing the WorkSafe earplug. It’s design has been developed and refined so that it is extremely comfortable to wear, even for prolonged periods. The shape of the earplug has been modelled so that it offers a natural flat absorption and a perfect fit.

Safety First Earplug Filters

These earplugs will stop all harmful noise due to the special acoustic filters which are built into the WorkSafe design. When you wear these earplugs you can be confident that noise will be reduced to safe levels for up to eight hours. Normal conversation is not affected by this feature of the earplug and audible warning noises can also be heard. This means that you can work perfectly happily wearing these earplugs without feeling disconnected from your surroundings.

Alpine ThermoShape Material Provides Extra Comfort

These earplugs are made from a special ThermoShape material which makes them extremely comfortable to wear for long periods. Once fitted, the material takes on the shape of the ear canal, creating a perfect fit. This helps them stay in place at all times. ThermoShape material is also hypoallergenic, because it contains no silicone. This means that it is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction.

WorkSafe Earplugs – Box Contains

  • Two universal thermoplastic hearing protectors
  • Two acoustic filters
  • Alpine carrying cord
  • Plastic carrying case
  • Alpine insertion sleeve


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