Why You Should Test Your Liver Health at Home

Many of us take our livers for granted, not realising how vital this organ is for overall health and wellbeing. As the largest internal organ, the liver performs over 500 essential functions to keep us alive and healthy. From producing bile to aid digestion, storing essential vitamins and minerals, removing toxins from the blood, and helping regulate blood clotting, the liver is a powerhouse that we can’t live without.

Unfortunately, liver disease is on the rise worldwide. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that around 2 million people have some form of liver condition. The worrying part is that liver disease often doesn’t show noticeable signs or symptoms until it has reached an advanced stage. This is why getting tested regularly can help identify issues early when treatment is most effective.

Here are 5 key reasons you should consider taking a simple, affordable home liver function test:

1. Spot early warning signs

Since the liver is so resilient, by the time you experience symptoms like fatigue, abdominal pain or jaundice, significant damage may have already occurred. A home urine test can detect elevated levels of waste products like bilirubin and urobilinogen that can indicate impaired liver function. Catching problems early makes treatment easier and more successful.

2. You may be at higher risk

Certain factors like obesity, diabetes, medications, alcohol abuse, hepatitis infection and genetics can increase your chances of developing liver disease. If you have any of these risk factors, periodic testing is recommended to monitor your liver health. The earlier abnormalities are found, the sooner steps can be taken to prevent further progression.

3. It’s quick and easy to do

A simple, at-home urine test using test strips takes just 60 seconds and is non-invasive. All you need is access to a bathroom! Compare the strip colour to a chart to obtain results. It’s an easy, fast way to gain insight into your liver function from the comfort of home.

4. Affordable and convenient

You can pick up a test kit from just £3.99 on Zoom Health and take it in the privacy of your own home. There are no appointments to schedule or travel needed. Much more affordable and convenient than paying for medical consultations and laboratory testing.

5. Gain valuable peace of mind

Just like we get routine checks for vision, dental health, blood pressure and cholesterol, it makes sense to periodically check up on your liver health too. Knowing that your liver function falls in the normal range, or catching problems in the early stages, can provide great peace of mind or prompt you to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Our livers keep us alive each day by quietly performing hundreds of vital tasks. Don’t take this powerhouse organ for granted. Look after your long-term health by taking a simple, quick home urine test to identify any emerging liver issues early. A small time and financial investment now can pay off hugely in terms of better health outcomes and peace of mind.

Photo by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Health

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