Ways to Fall Asleep Quicker and Easier

Taking a nap as a kid was probably one of your least favourite things to do. But in reality, taking that afternoon nap at that time as a kid was one of the most important things kids should do. Your parents might insist you come inside for your nap even though some of your friends got to stay out and didn’t get called in for their nap.

We go forward to today now that you are an adult and you now long for that sleep you once loathed. You want to stay in bed a little longer, even when you have hit the snooze button a few times.

The real issue isn’t getting up in the morning; it is finding ways to fall asleep without a big fuss and the ability to stay asleep for the required time once you fall asleep. There are a variety of reasons why you don’t fall asleep as easily as you did when you were younger.

Besides unfinished homework or what kinds of games you’ll play the next day, you didn’t have much to be stressed about as a kid. As a grown up, it can be impossible to fall asleep with all the thoughts and ideas you have swirling around in your head. People mention this as the major problem as to why they can’t fall asleep.

How do you attempt to fall asleep when you just can’t?

What are the most effective ways to fall asleep?

Your bed should be as comfortable as possible. Adjust to the ideal temperature if the room is too hot or too cold. Your pyjamas or other sleep clothing should be loose and find the ideal sleeping position that works for you. You might have to adjust your pillows to maintain the perfect position. Goose down pillows are the most comfortable pillows available.

About half an hour before going to bed take a hot shower or bath to increase your skin temperature and you will go to sleep much quicker.

Dim the lights in your bedroom. Bright lights will fool that body that it isn’t bedtime yet, when it actually is time for bed. The hormones needed for sleep won’t be released by the body. Wearing a sleeping mask will help to shield your eyes from any light.

Reading a book before bed helps to focus the mind on just one thing. The duller and more boring the book, the faster you will fall asleep.

A cup of warm milk is a proven way to a quick rest.

Even though this isn’t the best approach, think about something boring and calming while in bed. Some people find counting lures them to sleep.

Digestion usually interferes with sleep, so make sure you eat any meals well before bedtime.

During the day, exhaustion might be unavoidable, but if you fall asleep during the day is more difficult to fall asleep at night. Your sleep cycle changes as a result. Exercising earlier in the day will exhaust the body and you will be tired at bedtime.

Lavender Pillow Spray can help to calm the senses and welcome sleep to your mind. Simply spray this relaxing blend on your pillows and duvet for gorgeous aromatherapy every night.

Taking in deep breaths, while lying in bed, helps to relax the muscles and the mind allowing you to rest much easier.

Use Earplugs for Sleeping

Eliminate night sounds by using earplugs made for sleeping. They eliminate any street or neighbourhood sounds. Soothing music will also put your mind to rest when it is playing in the background. Finding the best fitting earplugs is important and this may take a few try before you find the right ones.  Find the best earplugs for you from the wide selection in a Women’s Earplug Sample Pack or Men’s Earplug Sample pack.

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This post was originally published in November 2018 and has been regularly updated since.

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