How to Block out Noise for Better Sleep

We live in a modern, noisy world. Sometimes we can’t sleep because of the traffic noise outside or the distraction caused by loud neighbours watching television or partying hard. Over the last 30 years, levels of noise have been getting higher and are projected to rise even higher.

When noise starts to affect the quality and quantity of sleep, we have a problem as sleep is a vital component for individual health.

The Silence Project

Several studies have been conducted online by the Silence Project in the EU. These studies have been addressing sound issues of those who live in crowded areas that produce a great deal of noise from traffic. It is a proven fact that vehicle traffic produces a great deal of noise that leads to the reduction of a decent night’s sleep and disrupts needed concentration that is imperative during working hours. Studies have also shown that noise, along with fuel emissions, can impair one’s learning abilities.

Home Appliances & Technology Noises

Many people suffer from a lack of proper sleep due to technology such as stereo systems that are being played into the late hours of the evening. This issue can be easily resolved by either turning the system off or moving it out of the bedroom.

Poor sleep can also be affected if your partner is a heavy snorer or is insomniac. Because some behaviours can be passed on, there is always a good chance you could suffer from insomnia as well.

Noises are not as easily addressed if coming from a neighbour. Their actions can lead to a lack of needed sleep, especially if their behaviour is inappropriate. The leading noises from neighbours include screaming and yelling among themselves, parties with loud music, or loud alarms going off. Other annoyances that can break up needed sleep include dogs barking day and night or a baby crying all night long. If you are living through these situations, there are steps you can take to stop it.

Protecting Your Ears

Outside of losing needed sleep due to noises, there are other noises that can seriously harm your hearing. Working environments that have loud noises, such as at an airport, should be addressed and usually are by the businesses giving employees ear protection. Post pandemic, working from home can also be difficult if you have noisy neighbours. Office earplugs can often help you concentrate on your work if the home environment is less than quiet.

Earplugs Are Critical For Combating Certain Noises

There are many earplugs available that can be easily inserted into the ear canal, expand to fit properly, and protect your ears from noises. Foam earplugs are very popular and are disposable when done. These earplugs are made from a slow reacting expandable memory foam There are also reusable pre-moulded or silicone earplugs.

When incorporating earplugs at night to give you a good night’s rest, they are very good for deterring unwanted noise, are easily available, and very inexpensive. You may want to try an earplugs sample bag to find exactly the right earplug for you. At Zoom Health we offer earplug samples bags for women and earplug sample bags for men. We also offer a sample bag of earplugs for snoring!

Other Avenues To Deter Noise

Other avenues to deter noise are ceiling fans installed in your bedroom and/or white noise therapeutic machines to remove sounds while you are sleeping.

Ceiling Fans

If you have a ceiling fan in your home, you know how it will block out various noises until you turn it off. Installing a ceiling fan in your bedroom will produce a soothing, consistent sound that allows your brain to rest for a good night’s sleep.

White Noise Machines

These machines are a great way to providing a good night’s sleep by emitting natural sounds such as birds chirping, the sound of the ocean’s tide, etc. These sounds are recorded and continually play at a comfortable volume throughout the night.

If your home is located near areas with loud noises, such as an airport, you can insulate your room from these sounds very effectively. You might also look into noise absorbing materials such as thick glass.

Sleep is essential for everyone’s overall good health and outside noises can have a very negative impact on your health when sleep is disrupted. Continual disruption of a good night’s sleep can lead to many health disorders and most commonly – insomnia! If you are experiencing a great lack of sleep due to outside noises, there are many products and avenues you can incorporate into your home to shut the noises out.

Photo Credit: “Noise” (CC BY 2.0) by daliscar1

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This post was originally published in February 2018 and has been regularly updated since.

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