Top Tips for Taking Kids to Music Festivals

Thinking of heading off to a music festival this summer with the little ones? Get excited—that’s gonna be one heck of an adventure! Let’s get real, though: crowds, noise, messy kids, and you’re like, “Eek!” Fear not, brave parent! We’ve got your back with these top tips to ensure your family festival experience is more “greatest hits” than “one-hit wonder.”

Protect Those Precious Ears

First things first: festivals are loud. Really loud. While you might, um, enjoy that bone-shaking bass, your little ones’ sensitive ears need a little TLC. So, invest in a pair of good quality ear defenders for each child. There’s a smorgasbord of those out there, so do your homework—read those reviews to find the perfect fit. Pro tip: snag a pair for yourself too, so you don’t have to be that person yelling “WHAT?” at every conversation for days after.

Wristbands: Your Low-Tech Lifesaver

Imagine this: You turn your back for just one moment, and whoosh! There goes your little adventurer, lost in a sea of tie-dye and glitter. Just before panic mode sets in, take a deep breath and know that you have a secret weapon at your fingertips—the very basic wristband. Take a pen and write the contact details on one of those colorful bands, and voilà—you have in your hands the simplest, yet most resourceful, safety net to get you back to your child faster than you can “Where’s Waldo?”

Dress for Success … and Visibility

When it comes to kids and festival fashion, forget “bohemian chic” and go for “human highlighter.” Dress your little ones in the brightest, boldest getups you can find. Not only will they look fest-fabulous, but you’ll also be able to spot them across the grounds if they happen to make a run for it when the band starts into the encore.

Hydration Station

Festivals and dehydration go hand in hand, much like peanut butter and jelly—but that is one pairing we would like to avoid. Most festivals provide water refilling spots; just bring your own bottles and keep those bad boys filled up throughout the day. You win with saving dough, trashing less plastic, and dodging that dreaded mid-concert meltdown (we’re not only talking kids here).

Pack a Picnic Fit for Rockstars

Be real here—festival food can be very pocket-expensive. Why not channel your inner roadie and pack a killer picnic? Just be sure to check the rules of the festival on bringing in outside food first. With a little prep, you can feast like kings without emptying your wallet. Think wraps, fruit, and next-to-meltless snacks alongside those that don’t melt faster than your will when faced with someone overcharging for chicken nuggets.

Embrace the Mess (But Be Prepared)

Festivals and cleanliness go together about as well as oil and water. From mud to spilled drinks to whatever that substance is that’s covering the floor of the porta-potty, your kids are going to get messy. Pack extra clothes, including something cozy for the ride home. Remember: a change of clothes can be the difference between a grumpy car ride and sweet, contented silence.

Weather the Storm (Literally)

Momma Nature loves to crash festivals, and she doesn’t always come with the good vibes. Pack light, foldable rain ponchos or jackets, and be ready for anything. They barely take up any space, but can save the day—or at least the mood—when the clouds come pouring in. And there is just something oddly magical about dancing in the rain… embrace it!

Wheels Up!

Ever felt like you’re off-roading with kids at festivals? Give yourself the upper hand with a sturdy pram or wagon that takes rough terrain like a pro. Some festivals offer sling libraries where you can borrow a carrier for the day. It’s totally worth a look-in, trust me, your back will thank you later.

Slather on the Sunscreen

Even cloudy days can be sneaky. Keep everyone protected by reapplying sunscreen throughout the day. Look for a high SPF that guards against both UVA and UVB rays. Remember: sunburned kids are not happy campers, and neither are sunburned parents.

First Aid to the Rescue

Finally, put together a small first-aid kit for any bumps or scrapes that will undoubtedly come back your way. While every festival has an on-sight medical tent, having your own supplies might spare you Page | 10 a pretty long voyage for the minor mishaps. It’s sort of like having a small superhero in the backpack to jump out and help (or at least plaster a plaster) from time to time.

The real secret to a great family festival experience lies in preparation and, more importantly, going with the flow. Now that you’re armed with all of these tips, it’s time to start making some memories that are sure to last a lot longer than that final encore. Crank up the tunes, let loose, and show your kids how to do it in style. You never know—you’re raising maybe the next festival headliner out there!

Photo “Festival” by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Health

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