Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

As a man gets older, the prostate gland will continually get larger and larger, most of the time due to a condition which is named benign prostatic hyperplasia, also known as BPH. This condition can sometimes contain cancer cells, and thus it can lead to prostate cancer. Usually, the prostate cancer will stay far from the urethra and in the early days it will actually be very hard to detect as there are no major symptoms. However, as time passes this condition will start to worsen, thus causing numerous symptoms.

What Are the Symptoms of Prostate Cancer?

One of the major issues that will appear when you have prostate cancer is the fact that you have to go to the toilet very often in order to pass urine. While this rush can sometimes be identified with drinking too many fluids, if you need to go to the toilet all the time, for weeks and weeks in a row, then you have to contact your doctor.

Moreover, if you see that the need to urinate increases exponentially out of a sudden, then this is also a sign that you might have prostate cancer. Most of the time, you will see that this particular need to pass urine will appear during the night, when normal persons don’t really tend to urinate that often to begin with.

But this is not all, as the persons that are prone to prostate cancer will also encounter a difficult to pass urine, as both starting and stopping the urinating process can be very hard and painful to begin with.

Rare symptoms of Prostate Cancer

On top of that, another prostate cancer symptom that is usually encountered comes in the form of having a sense that you can’t completely empty your bladder. This particular sense not only causes discomfort, but at the same time it’s a clear sign that you have to check with the doctor in order to see if you have prostate cancer or if you are prone to it.

Other symptoms which aren’t encountered that often include pains when you are urinating or, in very rare situations, blood in the semen or the urine.

Moreover, some of the first symptoms that appear in the case of prostate cancer are related to bones, so when a man has prostate cancer, he will sometimes start to feel pain in the pelvis, back and hips areas. It the prostate cancer spreads to other portions of the body, then it’s called secondary prostate cancer, but despite the name it’s still very dangerous.

As you can see, the prostate cancer symptoms vary quite a lot, but one thing is certain, you do need to try and identify if you have any of the symptoms above, and if you do, then you need to visit the doctors immediately, as this is the only good way to fight prostate cancer and get rid of it.

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