Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly – a Natural Way to Enhance Your Fertility

Picture discovering the perfect fertility booster, one that could enhance the health of your eggs making conception more probable. For anybody who is having a hard time getting pregnant, you might find the answer with the bees. The queen bee lays around 2,000 eggs every day to maintain a viable hive. This demands tremendous health and fertility. For this reason the nurse bees give her Royal Jelly, a remarkably nutrient rich gel secreted from the young worker bee glands and located inside the hive. This is the jelly which enables the queen live 6 times longer compared to the regular worker bee and can generate eggs at an astonishing rate.

This is why many people think that Royal Jelly, with its exceptionally high and diverse nutritious ingredients, is useful in enhancing human reproductive performance also. It is usually consumed by women to encourage hormonal stability and support ovarian performance, and by men to encourage spermatogenesis as well as general reproductive wellbeing.

Fresh Royal Jelly is a naturally occurring high quality source of vitamins A, C, D, E, amino acids and B complex vitamins and offers several health advantages:

Improve Your Fertility with Nutrient Filled Royal Jelly

  • Produced by honey bees is intended for nourishing queen bees, Royal Jelly is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and valuable lipids (fats)
  • Used for hundreds of years to enhance general wellness and vitality and to encourage most effective hormonal stability – and popular with couples trying to conceive to boost reproductive well-being and fertility
  • Can be used with any other male and female fertility dietary supplements
  • Use carefully if you happen to be allergic to bee stings

The Best Way And Time To Take Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is available in both capsules or in a semi-liquid form. Always comply with directions for usage on the label of the product. The traditional suggested use of Royal Jelly is 150 mg of pure royal jelly per day, taken in the morning. Royal Jelly is fine to take all month long.

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Royal Jelly – 150mg (100 Capsules)

Royal Jelly – 150mg (100 Capsules)

Thought to be what allows a regular honeybee to become a queen, Royal Jelly is composed of amino acids, fatty ...
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