Blue 5ml 40 Pack Injection Kit | Needles, Syringes & Swabs

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Package contains:

40 x Syringes – 5ml (Terumo)
40 x 23G Blue Injection Needles – 1.25″ 30mm
40 x 21G Green Drawing Needles – 1.5″ 40mm
40 x Alcohol Swabs

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Introducing the Blue 5ml 40 Pack Injection Kit, a comprehensive set that includes syringes, needles, and alcohol swabs for all your injection needs. This 40 pack kit comes with 5ml syringes, blue injection needles, green drawing needles, and alcohol swabs, all individually blister packed to ensure maximum sterility.

The kit features blue 23G needles, the standard size for TRT and steroid injections, which are designed for precise and efficient injections. The kit contains 40 Terumo syringes which are made of high-quality plastic with excellent tolerances, ensuring accurate measurement for perfect extrusion of liquids. Extended graduation lines further enhance its precision.

The needles in this kit are disposable, long bevel luer lock hypodermic needles. It has a precision lancet point that meets ISO 9626 standards, with a smooth bevel cut for a more comfortable injection experience. Our needles also have an innovative anti-coring treatment of needle-tube, ensuring consistent low penetration load.

This Injection Kit also includes 40 alcohol swabs which are soft, non-woven swabs impregnated with 70% isopropyl alcohol, providing effective topical antiseptic and disinfectant prior to administering injections.

Our injection kits are professionally packed in discreet, cardboard packaging with no mention of Zoom Health or the contents. The only labelling on our packaging is your address and a private return address.

In summary, our Blue 5ml 40 Pack Injection Kit is a premium product that provides a complete set of all the necessary components for safe and efficient injections. The kit meets high-quality standards, with individually blister-packed components to ensure sterility and accurate measurements. Purchase this product with confidence as you will receive a reliable and professional product that is suitable for all your injection needs.

This injection kit is also available in a 10 pack, 20 pack and 100 pack combinations.

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