Orange 5ml 10 Pack Injection Kit | Needles, Syringes & Swabs


Package contains:

10 x Syringes – 5ml (Terumo)
10 x 25G Orange Injection Needles – 5/8″ 16mm
10 x 21G Green Drawing Needles – 1.5″ 40mm
10 x Alcohol Swabs

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The Orange 5ml Injection Kit provides clinical-grade supplies for safe, sterile self-injection of medications at home. Each discreetly packaged kit contains everything needed to confidently administer injectable treatments.

The kit includes 10 kits, each containing:

  • 5ml luer lock syringes with clear, graduated barrels for accurate measurement and easy visibility of contents. The smooth silicone-coated plungers glide easily for controlled flow.
  • Detachable hypodermic needles – 25G 5/8” for comfortable injections and 21G 1.5” for quickly drawing viscous liquids. Needle walls are thin with sharp, precision tips.
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol prep pads for cleaning injection sites to prevent infection. Individually wrapped to maintain sterility.

The syringes and needles are engineered to strict clinical standards for reliable, effective performance. The supplies come packaged in unmarked boxes for privacy.

This complete injection kit eliminates the hassle and expense of purchasing components separately. It provides the reliable tools needed for self-administering injectable medications such as hormones, steroids, and other treatments requiring a sterile technique.

The Orange 5ml Injection Kit delivers essential, high-quality injection supplies discreetly to your door. It gives you the confidence and convenience to safely perform self-injections at home.

This injection kit is also available in a 20 pack, 40 pack and 100 pack combinations.

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