Orange 5ml 20 Pack Injection Kit | Needles, Syringes & Swabs


Package contains:

20 x Syringes – 5ml (Terumo)
20 x Orange Injection Needles (5/8″ 16mm)
20 x 21G Green Drawing Needles – 1.5″ 40mm
20 x Alcohol Swabs

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The Orange 5ml 20 Pack Injection Kit provides everything you need for safe, effective injections in a convenient all-in-one kit. This comprehensive kit contains 80 total components, all individually sealed for sterility.

Each kit includes:

20 x 5ml Terumo syringes – These high quality syringes feature precision smooth plunger rods and ultra-fine gauge needles for accurate dosing and painless injections. The clear barrel allows you to easily view the dosage.

20 x 25G 5/8″ injection needles – The narrow 25G needles insert smoothly and allow for relatively painless subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. The short length is ideal for most injection sites.

20 x 21G 1.5″ drawing needles – The wider 21G needles quickly draw up viscous medications. The longer 1.5″ length easily reaches the bottom of most vials.

20 x Alcohol swabs – These soft cotton pads saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol provide antiseptic skin preparation prior to injections.

This kit contains everything required for safe, effective administration of insulin, testosterone, steroids, or other injectable medications. The conveniently organized components eliminate the hassle of gathering all the separate injection supplies.

The 25G injection needles offer a narrower diameter than typical needles, allowing for a smoother, less painful injection experience. The sharp lancet point easily penetrates the skin.

The kit comes discreetly packaged with no labelling to indicate the contents. Only your name and address are on the plain cardboard box. Inside, the sealed sterile components ensure you have sanitary supplies ready when needed.

Keep this injection kit on hand for easy access whenever it’s time for your regularly scheduled injection. The ample supply of 20 syringes and needles provides sufficient quantities for a multi-week supply.

Eliminate waste and enjoy convenience with the all-in-one Orange 5ml 20 Pack Injection Kit. This kit provides everything required for safe, effective, and relatively pain-free injections in a sterile ready-to-use format. Order a kit today and be prepared with high quality injection supplies for your needs.

This injection kit is also available in a 10 pack, 40 pack and 100 pack combinations.

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