Orange 5ml 40 Pack Injection Kit | Needles, Syringes & Swabs


Package contains:

40 x Syringes – 5ml (Terumo)
40 x Orange Injection Needles –5/8″ 16mm
40 x 21G Green Drawing Needles – 1.5″ 40mm
40 x Alcohol Swabs

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The Complete Injection Solution For Your Wellbeing

Introducing the Orange 5ml 40 Pack Injection Kit – the comprehensive kit containing everything you need to safely and easily administer injections at home. This all-in-one kit takes the guesswork out of preparing and giving injections by providing high quality medical-grade components in a convenient bundle.

Each Orange Injection Kit contains 40 alcohol prep pads, 40 orange 25 gauge 5/8 inch needles, 40 green 21 gauge 1.5 inch drawing needles, and 40 sterile 5ml syringes – all in sterile packs for assured sterility. The compact syringes feature an ergonomic plunger design for smooth control and easy aspiration. The narrowly gauged orange needles allow for comfortable injections. And the alcohol pads ensure the injection site is properly cleansed beforehand.

With this kit, you can take charge of your wellness. The streamlined packaging means you have just what you need for up to 40 smooth, safe injections. There’s no need to gather supplies from different sources – it’s all right here in one discreet shipment.

The premium components meet high standards for reliability and performance. The needles are engineered for optimal sharpness and bevel according to ISO standards. They attach securely to the luer-lock syringe tip. The alcohol prep pads contain 70% isopropyl alcohol to effectively disinfect the injection site. And the syringes offer precise plunger control for filling from vials and injecting contents.

Order with confidence knowing the Orange Injection Kit provides trusted, medical-grade materials in a cost-effective set. It contains just the essentials, with no unnecessary supplies to discard. The all-inclusive kit helps you conveniently maintain your wellness regimen. Focus on your health, not the process of preparing injections. With the Orange Injection Kit, it’s simple to self-administer injections in the comfort of home.

This injection kit is also available in a 10 pack, 20 pack and 100 pack combinations.

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