Kitesurfing Earplugs

Kitesurfing is great fun and is becoming more and more popular as a sport in the UK. As well as being a physical sport that is demanding on the muscles, kitesurfing is also tough on the ears. Wind deafness is often a problem for kitesurfers and can ruin enjoyment of the sport.

The constant sound of wind and water rushing around your ears can cause damage to your hearing over time. This is why protecting your ears with high-quality kitesurfing earplugs is crucial.

Earplugs for kitesurfing should fit snugly inside your ear canal and blocks out harmful noise without compromising your ability to hear important sounds such as safety signals or communication from other kitesurfers.

When you wear earplugs while kitesurfing, you can enjoy your sport without worrying about damaging your hearing. You will also be able to focus better on your riding and perform to your best ability.

Why Protect Your Hearing While Kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is an exhilarating water sport, but the constant rush of wind and waves creates noise levels that can damage your hearing over time. Prolonged exposure to sounds over 85 decibels (dB) puts you at risk for noise-induced hearing loss. The wind alone while kitesurfing can reach 90-100 dB – as loud as a motorcycle engine. When you add crashing waves and other environmental sounds, the overall noise levels quickly become unsafe for your ears.

Wearing proper hearing protection like earplugs allows you to enjoy kitesurfing without compromising your hearing health. Quality earplugs block harmful sounds while still letting you hear important noises like instructions from fellow riders or safety signals. Don’t risk permanent hearing damage for the sake of an unprotected ride!

Tips for Using Earplugs While Kitesurfing

For earplugs to effectively protect your hearing during water sports, they need to fit snugly in your ear canal. Silicon putty earplugs are ideal because you can knead them into a perfect fit. Roll the silicone into a smooth cylinder, pull your ear up and back with your free hand, then insert the earplug and let it expand into place.

You’ll know they’re sealed properly if sounds seem significantly muffled. For kitesurfing, look for noise reduction ratings (NRR) around 25-33 dB. This blocks out excessive wind and wave sounds while allowing you to hear lower-level voices and signals essential for safety.

Always remove earplugs periodically to shake out any water that may have seeped in. Use an earplug carrying case to keep them clean and dry between uses. With the right earplugs and insertion technique, you can protect your precious hearing for years of kitesurfing adventures!

Don’t Neglect Wind Noise Protection

While water immersion risks like surfer’s ear get a lot of attention, wind exposure alone can significantly impact your hearing when kitesurfing. A 2016 study found wind turbine technicians had over double the rate of hearing impairment compared to a control group, likely from chronic wind force noise.

Kitesurfers face similar intense wind conditions during every ride. Quality earplugs provide a valuable defense against this often-overlooked hearing hazard. Wind force noise compounds with other environmental sounds, quickly exceeding safe decibel levels. Taking preventative steps to muffle this excessive wind noise protects your long-term auditory health.

In addition to protection from wind deafness, kitesurfing earplugs can also protect your ears from other common issues associated with water sports, such as ear infections and cold water discomfort.

We often recommend silicone earplugs for kitesurfers. This is because they are waterproof and offer incredible sound protection. They also mould perfectly to your ears which means that they stay in, even at high speed! These types of earplugs even protect against the type of pressure damage that occurs when your ear makes a sudden impact with the water a result of a fall.

We recommend two brands of Earplugs for Kitesurfers as they have been tested by actual kitesurfers who have given us their positive feedback. BioEars earplugs are available in two attractive colours (Blue and Pink). They can help to prevent Swimmer’s Ear by stopping water from getting into your ears. The silicone in these earplugs also has built in antimicrobial product protection keeps the earplugs free of microbes.

We have also had good reviews from Kitesurfers about Hush Plugz Silicone Earplugs. Available in a handy carry case containing seven pairs of earplugs, they are made from medical grade silicone and are extremely soft and pliable. This enable you to get the perfect fit.

Finally, we also recommend Ohropax Silicone Earplugs.

If you are a kitesurfer and wear earplugs whilst at the beach, let us know. Which earplugs work best for you?

Men's Earplugs Sample Pack

Zoom Health’s Earplug Sample Packs: A World of Options

Zoom Health understands that every individual’s ear canal is unique, which is why they offer separate sample packs for men and women. These packs contain a variety of earplugs, ranging from foam to silicone and wax, so you can find the perfect fit and level of noise reduction.

The Men’s Earplug Sample Pack

The Men’s Earplug Sample Pack is a treasure trove of options, featuring 13 pairs of foam earplugs from renowned brands like 3M, Mack’s, and Moldex. These earplugs come in various shapes and sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Additionally, the pack includes silicone and wax earplugs, offering alternative options for those who prefer different materials.

The Women’s Earplug Sample Pack

Designed with women’s unique ear canal sizes in mind, the Women’s Earplug Sample Pack offers a similar range of earplugs, but with a focus on smaller sizes. With 13 pairs of foam earplugs, including popular options like Mack’s Dreamgirl and Moldex Contours, you’re bound to find the perfect fit. The pack also includes silicone and wax earplugs, providing versatility and comfort.

Why Sample Packs are a Game-Changer

Trying out different earplugs is essential for finding the right fit and level of noise reduction. Zoom Health’s sample packs allow you to experiment with various options without committing to a full-sized pack. This way, you can determine which earplugs work best for your specific needs and preferences.

Imagine being able to kite surf without worrying about the constant noise, thanks to a pair of earplugs that fit like a dream. With Zoom Health’s sample packs, you can find that perfect match and protect your hearing while enjoying the thrill of your favourite sport.


Kite surfing is an adrenaline-fueled adventure, but it doesn’t have to come at the cost of your hearing. Zoom Health’s earplug sample packs offer a fantastic solution, allowing you to explore a wide range of options and find the perfect fit for your unique needs. So, whether you’re a seasoned kite surfer or just starting out, invest in your hearing protection and enjoy the sport to the fullest.

Photo “Kite Surfer” by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Health

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