Is the AL6000 the Best Personal Alcohol Breathalyser?

The AL6000 personal breathalyser continues to be a sought-after model.  Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to grasp and use. The soft rubber grip prevents it from slipping out of your fingers while you are using it. The AL6000 does not have to be calibrated on a regular basis, which is different from other breathalysers. There is no need to send it back every year, just buy a replacement sensor online and replace it on your own. You don’t have to go anytime without your breathalyser because no calibration is required. You can trust the accuracy of the AL6000.

Am I OK to drive? How do I carry out a breathalyser test?

Giving a breath sample is very easy. Hold the on/off button for a few seconds to turn on the breathalyser. A countdown will appear to show how long it will take the sensor to get to the proper working temperature.

As the countdown is happening, in the opening on the breathalyser insert the mouthpiece’s narrow end. It will remain in place secure and won’t slide out as you are giving a breath sample.

Now, just blow into the breathalyser using a consistent flow. As you do this, the breathalyser will emit a long beep. When you have given enough breath, two small beeps will sound and the screen will display the results.

This test will tell you if you are over the legal limit or not, but to be on the safe side only drive when the result is ZERO.

Swap and Go Semi-Conductor Sensor

All good breathalysers come with a sensor that analyses the alcohol levels in your breath to make an electric charge that is then converted into a usable reading. A semi-conductor sensor is included in the AL6000, one that you can replace on your own. By changing the sensor every 200 tests or 12 months, you can feel confident that you are getting an accurate reading every year. This is like having a calibration done, but you don’t have to worry about being without the breathalyser for any length of time.


Five mouthpieces are included with the AL6000 breathalyser and spares can be purchased separately. The breathalyser won’t get a consistent flow of air without the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece focuses the breath over the sensor, which will give a reading that is more accurate and consistent. Any excess breath can escape via an exhaust on the AL6000. This increases the accuracy of the breath sample reading.

LED and Audible Warnings

The AL6000 line is the only one that gives you warnings via LED and sound. A warning light is located just below the result screen and depending on the test results, it will be green, amber or red.

Additional Features

When the breathalyser is switched on a test counter will appear, which tells you the number of tests that have been completed. This will give you an idea on when you need to change the sensor (replace every 200 tests!).

Did you forget to turn off the AL6000? Don’t worry, it has an auto power off feature that turns off the unit if it has been inactive for a short time.

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