Five Benefits of Moldex Pura Fit Earplugs

Hearing protection is an important consideration for anyone who works in loud environments or enjoys noisy recreational activities. Moldex Pura Fit earplugs are a popular choice for hearing protection due to their comfortable fit, noise reduction rating, affordability, and ease of use. In this blog post, we’ll look at 5 key reasons why Moldex Pura Fit earplugs are an excellent option to help protect your hearing.

Reason 1: Comfortable Fit

One of the most important factors when choosing any hearing protection is comfort. Uncomfortable earplugs are likely to be fiddled with and adjusted, reducing their effectiveness. Moldex Pura Fit foam earplugs are specially contoured for an excellent fit in most ear canals. The smooth, tapered shape allows them to slide in easily without pressure. Once inserted, they expand gently to create a secure, comfortable seal. Their low-pressure comfort fit makes them suitable for extended wear without irritation.

Reason 2: High Noise Reduction Rating

Moldex Pura Fit earplugs have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 36 decibels. This means they block almost all harmful loud noises to help prevent noise-induced hearing loss. The high NRR makes them suitable for use in very noisy environments up to 105 decibels. Whether you work around heavy machinery, construction tools or need hearing protection for loud concerts, Pura Fit earplugs can significantly reduce hazardous sound exposure.

Reason 3: Affordable Price

While being highly effective at blocking noise, Moldex Pura Fit earplugs are also very affordably priced. Typically they can cost as low as 25p per pair from retailers such as Zoom Health. This makes them budget-friendly for regular use either on the job or during noisy recreational activities. Their low cost means you can change them frequently rather than reusing dirty pairs. The disposable foam earplugs are designed for single use, helping maintain proper hygiene and performance.

Reason 4: Easy to Insert and Remove

Some earplugs can be difficult and time consuming to insert correctly. Moldex Pura Fit foam earplugs have a user-friendly design that most find easy to place properly. Their smooth foam surface allows them to slide easily into the ear canal. To insert, simply roll the plug into a small crease-free cylinder between your fingers and gently push into the ear canal. The foam then expands to create a snug seal. Removal is also quick by gently twisting to break the seal. There are also corded versions of these earplugs available, which can help to prevent loss.

Reason 5: NRR Independently Tested

The NRR of Pura Fit earplugs has been independently tested for accuracy. The high 36 decibel rating comes directly from impartial laboratory testing following ANSI standards. This gives assurance that the earplugs perform as advertised to effectively reduce loud noises that can damage hearing. When used properly, you can trust they provide the rated level of protection.

Men's Earplugs Sample Pack
Men’s Earplugs Sample Pack

Try Before You Buy

Struggling to decide which earplugs are right for you? We’ve created variety packs with different earplug styles suitable for sleep, work, and study. We have included Moldex Pura Fit in both our Men’s Earplug Sample Packs and Women’s Earplug Sample Packs.

Each pack has a mix of foam, silicone, and wax options, so you can find the best fit. Success depends on using them in the relevant situation – don’t test snoring earplugs during the day! Expect some trial and error. Ear canal shape impacts fit, so some options won’t work for you. Note which pairs you like and discard the rest. That way, when reordering, you can easily find your new favourites. The goal is to make the selection process easy through a custom combo pack, allowing you to sample different earplugs until you discover the ideal match.


Hearing protection is vital for anyone exposed to potentially harmful noise levels. Moldex Pura Fit earplugs offer an excellent combination of comfortable fit, high NRR, affordability and ease of use. Their independently tested noise reduction capabilities, secure low-pressure seal, budget-friendly price and smooth contoured design make them a great choice for both work and recreation. If you’re looking for disposable foam earplugs that provide effective hearing protection without discomfort or hassle, Moldex Pura Fit are an ideal option to consider.

Photo by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Health

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