Find Your Perfect Fit with Noise-x Wax Earplugs

Getting a peaceful night’s sleep is vital for health and happiness, as well as your sanity! But with noisy disruptions from traffic, annoying neighbours, ever snoring partners and much more, drifting off, and getting some much needed shut eye, can be a challenge. Using high quality earplugs is one of the simplest ways to block out sound for better rest and is a simple first step that you should consider.

At Zoom Health, our top-selling Noise-x Wax Earplugs are a regular customer favourite for good reason. In this little post we look at five key benefits that make Noise-x Wax Earplugs a great choice for your sleeping needs:

Effective Noise Blocking

The number one reason to choose Noise-x is their proven ability to effectively block noise. Made from natural, mouldable beeswax, these earplugs are specially designed to block out external sounds. They achieve an impressive noise reduction rating (NRR) of 20 decibels, reducing volume from common sleep disruptors like traffic or snoring. By blocking external noise, Noise-x earplugs allow you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.

Customisable Fit

A proper fit is critical for noise blocking earplugs to work optimally. Noise-x earplugs are soft, pliable wax that moulds to the unique shape of each user’s ear canal when inserted. This customisable fit creates a tight seal that prevents noise leakage. The wax also ensures the earplugs are comfortable and do not fall out during sleep. Their ability to fit any ear makes Noise-x a great choice for all users.

Ideal Travel Companion

Frequent travelers know just how noisy planes, trains and hotels can be when trying to rest. Noise-x earplugs are the ideal travel companion to block out noise on the go. Their transportable plastic case makes them easy to pack in a purse or bag. Being made of soft wax, they are comfortable enough to sleep with even when lying down in cramped spaces like plane seats. For light travellers, Noise-x earplugs are a simple way to improve sleep quality while journeying.

Natural Materials

Noise-x earplugs contain natural beeswax, cotton and other non-synthetic materials. For those that prefer to avoid plastics and chemicals touching their skin, the natural composition makes Noise-x a great choice. The natural wax is also hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of skin irritation that synthetic earplugs can cause for some. Overall, the natural design means Noise-x earplugs are gentler on the skin.

Affordable Price

With a pack of 6 pairs for under £6, Noise-x earplugs offer an affordable way to improve sleep regularly (Noise-x Wax Earplugs). Their reasonable price makes them accessible as an ongoing sleep aid rather than occasional use. Buying in multi-packs also reduces the long-term cost. Compared to expensive custom fitted earplugs, Noise-x provides comparable noise blocking at a fraction of the price.

As one of our most popular earplugs, we’ve included Noise-x in both our Women’s Earplugs Sample Pack and Men’s Earplugs Sample Pack. This allows shoppers to test them alongside other top earplug options.

Sleep Better with Noise-x

Difficulty sleeping due to noise disruption can negatively impact health, concentration and daily performance. Noise-x Wax Earplugs provide an easy, customisable and affordable solution. Their natural wax construction, noise blocking ability and comfort make them a top choice for better sleep and travel. Experience the difference yourself and order your pack of Noise-x earplugs today. Your improved rest is just a purchase away.

Photo by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Health

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