Earplugs of The Week – Moldex Mellows

This week we’ve chosen Moldex Mellow Earplugs as our Earplugs of the Week.

Moldex Mellows are one of our favourite earplugs, purely because they are different. They are not aiming to offer the highest level of protection from sound. Instead, these Earplugs are designed for protection against lower noise levels, when noise is harmful but on a lower level. This is why they they have an SNR of just 22db.

These earplugs same shape and feel as the standard Moldex earplugs and are super comfortable and simple and easy to insert. When wearing these earplugs, you will be able to communicate, hear signals and keep in touch with your surroundings. These earplugs work by filtering low to medium frequencies where speech is found, whilst maintaining a protection against higher sound frequencies.

On a purely aesthetic  level, we just love the colour of these earplugs, which are a calming yellow colour, making them very mellow indeed. Our Moldex Mellow earplugs are individually wrapped which is good for hygienic reasons alone, and ensures that the earplugs is fresh and good to go, when opened from the pack.

Customers love them too – one said ” these fit into my ears better than any earplugs I’ve used before, they do a great job of blocking out noise so that I can sleep at night ” Another said that the softness of the foam was the reason why they came back, time and time again to suing them This is because they had not found another earplug that felt the same.

Moldex Mellows Sample Pack

At Zoom Health we have put together unique packs of different pairs of earplugs which are ideal for sleeping and snoring, work and study. Our biggest, most popular sample packs are the Women’s Earplugs Sample Pack and the Men’s Earplugs Sample Pack. If you are looking to find Moldex Mellows in a sample pack, you will find them in both of these packs, as well as a selection of the finest earplugs from other brands.

Moldex Mellows Earplugs Discount Code

To.celebrate Moldex Mellows being earplugs the week, we are offering a 10% discount on any purchase of these Earplugs from Zoom Health. Just use the discount code mellow10 at the Zoom Health checkout and this discount is yours, meaning that you will get a great deal on these chilled-out earplugs.

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