The Sounds That Will Damage Your Hearing

For many of us, our hearing comes without a second thought. Some noises are loud, and some are soft. The most we might do is cover our ears if a noise is too loud, and carry on through unless we are somewhere we have been conditioned to think about hearing safety in.

While we may know to wear hearing protection before going to a gun range, there are a few other places we really should be wearing hearing protection and sometimes don’t. Here are 3 places you should really consider wearing hearing protection.

At a Football Match

Sure you might feel a little silly with ear plugs in at the next big game, but these exciting matches can do a number on your ears. Football matches can reach 130dB. That’s well above the paltry 85dB needed for hearing loss to begin.

Cheer as loud as you want and go ahead and scream when your favourite player scores a goal, but do it safely by protecting your ears.

In Your Home

No, you don’t need to have full hearing protection when you’re running the vacuum or the dishwasher (It comes well under the safety level at 70dB for the vacuum and 80 for the dishwasher) but you might want to turn the radio down even if you can’t hear it over your noisy machines. A radio playing at full volume comes in at an ear splitting 110dB. That’s higher than the music played at nightclubs, which are also dangerously high at 105dB.

While Doing The Yard Work

Have you ever set out to mow the lawn and wondered if the roar of the lawnmower was damaging your hearing? While a push mower is on the cusp of hearing loss at a dB in the low 80s, a chainsaw sails clear over the safety threshold. If you’re planning to cut down a tree or section a log, you’ll want to wear hearing protection while you do it. If you’re not sure about the power tool you’re using, it’s worth looking up the dB real quick, or just wearing hearing protection anyway to be safe.

Stuck in Traffic

It may surprise you to learn that if you are surrounded by heavy city traffic for long periods of time, it could impact your hearing. Traffic noises don’t hurt, so it’s easy to tune it out as just noise, but long term it will grind on your hearing. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot you can do in your car, as you need to be able to listen for sirens.

Hearing loss can come from a surprising number of places. It’s easy to ignore these things our just power through them, but you can endure permanent hearing loss as a result. There’s no going back or healing your ears once the damage is already done. When in doubt, protect your ears and remember that protecting your ears even for the little things can make a huge

To help better look after your hearing, have a look at out this interesting infographic from Age UK: The Sounds That Will Damage Your Hearing.

The Sounds That Will Damage your Hearing

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