Earplug Sample Box Review: Extreme Protection, 3M, and Mack’s

Earplug Sample Box Showdown

Which One Will Help You Find Your Perfect Fit?

Picture this: you’re desperate for a good night’s sleep, but your partner’s snoring sounds like a freight train. Or maybe you’re an avid concert-goer, but you want to protect your hearing without sacrificing sound quality. Whatever your reason for seeking out earplugs, finding the perfect pair can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s where earplug sample boxes are just what you need!

We’ve put three top-notch options to the test: the Extreme Protection Earplug Sample Box, the 3M Earplug Sample Box, and Mack’s Earplug Sample Box. Each one brings something unique to the table, but which one will be your earplug soulmate? Let’s dive in and find out!

Extreme Protection Earplug Sample Box

First up, we have the Extreme Protection Earplug Sample Box, which is like the superhero of the bunch. This box is packed with high-performance earplugs from top brands like 3M, Mack’s, Howard Leight, and Moldex. With noise reduction ratings (NRR) ranging from 32 to a whopping 39 decibels, these earplugs are ready to take on even the loudest of snorers or bass-heavy concerts. Plus, the included travel case with individual compartments is a game-changer for staying organised on the go. It’s a great box of earplugs! 😊

One thing I love about the Extreme Protection box is the variety of materials and designs. You’ve got ultra-soft foam, contoured shapes, and even some funky coloured options. It’s like a buffet for your ears! The fitting guide and online tutorials are also super helpful for earplug newbies who want to ensure they’re getting the best possible fit and noise reduction.

However, one thought is that some of the earplugs in this box, like the Moldex Spark Plugs and Howard Leight MAX, might be a bit too large for those with dainty ear canals. And if you’re just looking for some earplugs to help you catch some Z’s, the high NRR might be overkill.

Our rating:

Earplug Selection: Good – you get 9 styles of earplug. 15 pairs in total.
Value For Money:  Excellent – at the sales price of £10.99, this box is a steal!

3M Earplug Sample Box

Next up, we’ve got the 3M Earplug Sample Box, which is like the brand loyalty card of earplug sample boxes. With 18 different types of 3M earplugs, this box is perfect for those who trust the 3M brand and want to explore all their options. The NRR range is impressive, spanning from 14 to 39 decibels, so you can choose your level of protection based on your needs.

The 3M box has some seriously cool styles, like the classic E-A-R foam earplugs, the UltraFit series that look like tiny sci-fi gadgets, and the Push-Ins that make insertion a breeze. Plus, the price point is pretty sweet for the chance to try out so many different 3M options without committing to full packs.

The only potential downside? If you’re someone who likes to mix and match brands, this box might not be your jam. And with so many choices, it could be a bit overwhelming if you’re an earplug rookie.

Our rating:

Earplug Selection: Excellent. In this box you get 18 different pairs of earplugs, both corded and uncorded.
Value For Money:  Excellent – Much cheaper to buy these earplugs in a box when compared to buying individually. Sales price makes the saving even bigger.

Earplug Sample Box - Mack's Ear Plug Selection

Mack’s Earplug Sample Box

Last but certainly not least, we have Mack’s Earplug Sample Box, which is like the comfort king of the bunch. Mack’s is the #1 doctor-recommended earplug brand, so you know they mean business when it comes to protecting your hearing. This box features nine different styles, all made in the USA with super-soft, low-pressure foam that feels like tiny pillows for your ears.

What I love about Mack’s sample box is that there’s truly an option for everyone. The Slim Fit and Dreamgirl earplugs are perfect for those with smaller ear canals, while the Snore Blockers and Sound Asleep plugs have a unique hollow-end design that’s ideal for catching some shut-eye. And can we talk about the adorable aluminium carrying case? It’s like a little home for your earplugs!

The only thing to keep in mind with Mack’s box is that the NRR range isn’t quite as wide as the other two boxes. And if you’re a brand adventurer, you might wish there were a few other options in the mix.

Our rating:

Earplug Selection: Good. You get the chance to try the whole range of Mack’s earplugs when you buy this box.
Value For Money:  Very good  – Mack’s earplugs are a bit more expensive than some other brands but this kit has not skimped on the contents and others great value for money.


So, which earplug sample box should you swipe right on? Honestly, it comes down to your personal preferences and needs. If you’re all about maximum protection and don’t mind a bit of trial and error, the Extreme Protection box is your best bet. For the 3M fans out there who want a wide range of options from a trusted brand, the 3M box is calling your name. And if comfort is your top priority, or you need earplugs specifically for sleeping or small ear canals, Mack’s box is like a cozy hug for your ears.

No matter which box you choose, investing in an earplug sample pack is a smart move. It’s like going on a bunch of first dates with earplugs until you find “the one.” And trust me, your ears (and your snoring partner) will thank you for putting in the effort to find your perfect match.

So go ahead, treat yourself to one of these awesome sample boxes and start your journey to earplug bliss. Your future well-rested, concert-loving self will be so glad you did!

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