Asda Pregnancy Test Review

Established in 1949, the British chain of supermarkets, Asda now has its headquarters in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Asda is fully owned by parent company Walmart and at most locations, you will find their Asda Pregnancy Tests, usually next to other brands like First Response and Clearblue.

What is the price of an Asda Pregnancy Test?

The Asda pregnancy test comes in a pack of two for £3.50 and compared to other brands, this is a competitive price. For instance, the comparable Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test sells for £3.60.

These tests provide results in just 3 minutes and are simple to use and only require 1 step. When used properly, these tests are over 99% accurate.

Asda states that this test is an early pregnancy indicator and can be used up to 4 days before your next expected period. Ciga Healthcare Limited, located in Ballymena is the maker of the Asda pregnancy tests.

Reviews of Asda Pregnancy Test

The Asda pregnancy tests are available at the Adsa website and as of today, there are 41 customer reviews.  The tests are expected to be accurate, although they are comparatively cheap. There are many negative reviews on the Asda website, with some of them outright scathing.

Several customers found that they had false positives from the Asda tests and they went on to find out they were not pregnant via other brands or doctor visits. This was, of course, a stressful experience for those that had a false positive reading.

On the other hand, some customers were pregnant when the test returned a not pregnant result. Some suspicious customers only discovered that they were pregnant by using a Clearblue Pregnancy Test.

Many customers found it difficult to read the test results accurately due to the faint lines. As a result, women were unsure if they were pregnant or not.

We do not recommend this product since there are more negative reviews than positive ones. If you are looking for a more reliable, inexpensive pregnancy test, we recommend our brand Zoom Health Midstream Pregnancy Test.

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