Unistik 3 – Single-Use Lancets for Easy Testing

Make Blood Sampling Less Painful with Comfort Zone Technology

Drawing blood can be unpleasant. The sting of the lancet causes discomfort that makes the process of checking blood sugar levels a chore. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Unistik 3 Comfort is an innovative new lancing device that makes blood sampling virtually painless.

Distract Your Brain to Reduce Discomfort

Unistik 3 Comfort features patented Comfort Zone Technology that distracts your brain to significantly dull the pain. The device has a textured patch with 8 raised dots. Pressing this textured “comfort zone” against your skin sends signals to your brain that mask and override the sharp sting of needle penetration. The discomfort fades into the background, so you can test your blood with barely any pain.

Simple and Convenient Single-Use Lancets

Unistik 3 Comfort offers the easiest blood sampling you’ve ever experienced. The intuitive process only takes 4 simple steps:

  • Twist off the protective cap
  • Press the device against your skin and click the release button
  • Obtain a test sample
  • Dispose of the used lancet

Additional Safety Features

In addition to Comfort Zone Technology, Unistik 3 has other safety features to prevent injuries. The lancing device contains a pre-loaded, sterile lancet that automatically retracts into the tip after a single use. This eliminates the risk of accidental needle pricks when disposing of used lancets.

The single-use Unistik 3 also reduces potential infection risks associated with reusing lancets. A new, unused lancet is guaranteed with each device.

Choose From 4 Variants for Different Skin Types

Unistik 3 Comfort comes in 3 variants designed for various skin thicknesses – Comfort, Normal, and Extra. Each has its own color scheme so you can easily tell them apart.

Unistik 3 Comfort – Purple

The Comfort variant with its 8 raised dots is perfect for people with thin or delicate skin. The Comfort Zone technology ensures minimal pain for those who bruise easily or have sensitive skin.

Unistik 3 Normal – Yellow

The Normal variant has a typical flat skin contact point without sensory dots. It provides a moderate level of penetration that works well for most people with average skin thickness.

Unistik 3 Extra – Orange

The Extra version is made for those with thick or calloused skin who need deep penetration to draw an adequate blood sample. The orange colour coded Extra adjusts the puncture depth accordingly to access blood vessels under tough skin.

Unistik 3 Gentle – White

Looking for a gentler option? These white lancets are specially designed to be more gentle.

Having options with adjustable needle depth ensures you get the level of penetration you need for sufficient blood flow regardless of your skin type.

Easy Storage and Disposal

The small Unistik 3 devices easily fit in a pocket, purse or glucose monitoring kit. Their compact size and single-use nature also simplifies storage. Simply throw away in regular waste after one-time use.

With some lancet pens, you must remove and discard of used needle tips. But Unistik 3 is designed for complete disposal after each test. This eliminates hazardous sharps and makes testing simpler whether at home or on the go.

Ask Your Doctor for a Prescription

Speak with your physician about making Unistik 3 Comfort part of your at-home blood testing routine. Getting your prescription will make these single-use safety lancets available for your self-monitoring needs. With the less painful Unistik 3 Comfort lancing device, checking your levels will be easier and more pleasant.

The innovative Comfort Zone Technology gives you the convenience of easy blood sampling without the dread of needles piercing your skin. Now routine glucose testing can be comfortable and stress-free! Make sure to inquire with your doctor today about obtaining Unistik 3 with your next prescription.

Photo “United Colours of Unistik 3” by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Health

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