SwedSafe Original Soft Foam Earplugs – LARGE


  • 5 pairs of foam earplugs
  • Size: LARGE
  • 33dB SNR
  • Distinctive yellow, soft foam
  • ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช Made in Sweden
  • Also in Small

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These original earplugs are the most popular in the range of earplugs manufactured by in Sweden by Swedsafe. The company is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of high quality earplugs. Available in two sizes, Small and Large, these earplugs boast a very high attenuation (sound blocking) of 37 dB. This means that they are great at removing sounds and noise that might disturb you whilst sleeping or studying. Because they come in two sizes, you can find the right size for you.

The soft polymer used in these earplugs makes them incredibly soft to wear. They have a long expansion time and and easy to fit. The distinctive emboss on the back of the earplugsย  also makes them super asy to remove.

These earplugs can be reused a number of times as the attenuation never changes from reusing earplugs. They should only be disposed of when they start to get dirty from regular use. At that stage, a new pair should be used and the old ones disposed of.

We recommend these large sized original earplugs for people with regular or large sized ear canals.

SwedSafe Original Earplugs are perfect for:

  • Sleeping
  • Working
  • Studying
  • Travelling

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