Kids Ear Defenders Blue Matt


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These ear defenders are manufactured by Edz Kidz and have been specially designed for children. They are ideal for protecting your child’s hearing at events such as concerts and loud public displays.

Specifically deigned for kids, these ear defenders are very sturdy and can be folded in the palm of your hand. This makes them easy to carry with you in a pocket or a bag. They can also be stored away easily.

Blue Matt Kids Ear Defenders

This pair of kids ear defenders comes in an attractive blue matt finish, which looks great and offers a fashionable twist to a very functional product. Because these ear defenders are from Edz Kidz, they have been particularly designed with children in mind and fit perfectly on young peoples’ heads.

If your child is nervous when facing noisy environments these ear defenders may well be the answer. By protecting your child’s ears from loud and disturbing noises they will feel more relaxed and able to cope with what could otherwise have been a disturbing situation.

Edz Kidz ear defenders come in a number of different colours. This blue pair is one of our favourites!

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