Kids Ear Defenders Cool Mint

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🔊 SNR 26dB noise reduction for excellent hearing protection
👶 Ultra-soft cushioned design for all-day comfort
📏 Adjustable headband fits all kids and baby head sizes
🔀 360° rotating cups allow compact folding for portability
✅ Certified to EN & ANSI safety standards
🎁 Ideal noise-cancelling gift for sensitive children & autism

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These cool mint green ear defenders from Zoom Health are designed to protect your child’s hearing in loud environments. Ideal for children, they’re sturdy yet compact, folding down to fit easily in your hand, making them perfect for tucking into a bag or large pocket.

The refreshing mint green colour adds a soothing and trendy element to a practical accessory. These ear defenders are specifically sized for younger heads, ensuring a comfortable fit for children.

Comfortable Design and Adjustability

Manufactured using high-quality ABS plastic and sound-absorbing foam, these kid-friendly ear defenders effectively lower noise levels to keep your child at ease. The soft ear cushions and gentle padding create a comfortable seal around your child’s ears, ensuring long-lasting comfort during extended use outdoors or at events.

The headband, crafted from flexible PU leather, can be easily adjusted to fit various head sizes. This versatility makes them suitable for children of all ages, and even some adults – a truly versatile option for the whole family. The padded ear cups not only enhance comfort but also improve noise reduction, creating a calm environment for focus, relaxation, or sleep.

Effective Noise Reduction

With an SNR of 26dB and NRR of 20dB, these mint green ear defenders meet EN 352-1:2002 and ANSI S3.19-1974 standards, and are CE and UKCA certified. They excel at blocking out high-decibel sounds, making them perfect for sporting events, airports, concerts, shooting ranges, gardening activities, building sites, DIY projects, fireworks displays, and more – effectively filtering out harmful noise to safeguard your child’s sensitive hearing.

Portable and Easy to Carry

Thanks to the 360° rotating cups, these mint green ear defenders can be folded into a surprisingly compact and lightweight package. This feature allows you to bring a slice of serenity to noisy environments wherever your adventures take you.

Beneficial for Children with Sensory Sensitivities

These ear defenders are especially helpful for children with autism or heightened noise sensitivity. They help dampen harsh sounds and reduce overstimulation, potentially improving overall comfort and behavior in challenging environments. If you have any questions about our product, our customer service team is always ready to assist you.

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