Hush Plugz DIY Foam Earplugs


  • Super high noise reduction rating – 35dB.
  • Great for use both at home or at work.
  • High quality, soft and comfortable.
  • 4 Pairs of Earplugs
  • Supplied with a pocket sized carry case.
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Hush Plugz are high quality foam earplugs that offer excellent protection against noise in the home, at work or at leisure. These earplugs are highly suitable and effective for DIY, motorsports, motorcycling and concerts, where there is a need for hearing protection. They are also ideal to reduce background noises when sleeping, relaxing, studying or travelling, or to help prevent ear discomfort when walking or cycling outdoors.

Manufactured from high performance memory foam, these newly launched earplugs are soft, comfortable and easy to fit; offering improved noise reduction over the previous bullet and barrel style Hush Plugz products. They have a bright, pastel green colour to aid detection if dropped or lost.

  • Highly effective noise reduction – SNR 35dB
  • CE marked, BS EN 352-2:2002 compliant product for optimum performance
  • Ideal for sleeping, relaxing, DIY, working, motorsport spectators and outdoor recreation
  • Soft and comfortable to use
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Durable, pocket sized carry case

Even good earplugs will not work effectively if they are not fitted correctly. All Hush Plugz packs contain clear, easy to follow diagrams to ensure that users fit the earplug correctly and obtain optimum benefit and satisfaction from the product. The earplugs are supplied with a re-usable pocket sized carry case. The carry case is highly durable, making it ideal to protect the earplugs when travelling or on the move.

Continual exposure to noise above 80 decibels (db(A)), such as a power drill, lawnmower or loud music in a pub, may cause permanent hearing damage. This has led to legislation in the workplace, where The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 states employers must make available suitable hearing protection where noise exceeds 80dB(A) and their use mandatory where noise exceeds 85dB(A). These regulations also provide an excellent guideline for domestic use of earplugs. Hush Plugz Foam Earplugs are CE marked and have been manufactured to comply with BS EN 352-2:2002, the harmonised standard for hearing protectors and have a decibel reduction rating, known as a Single Number Rating (SNR), which can be used as a guide to their noise reduction capability.

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