Gehwol Foot Cream Tube Green 125ml

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  • Another innovative foot care product from Zoom Health.
  • Regulates Perspiration
  • Odour Protection
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Long lasting protection from foot odour is assured when you use Gehwol Fusskraft Green. This amazing cream contains an active ingredient called Deozinc with n the cream which is rapidly absorbed to give immediate results. Feet become fresh and odourless and the proven disinfecting substance within the cream helps to prevent athlete’s foot, itching, and blisters between the toes.

  • Long-lasting protection from foot odour, reliable, disinfectant ingredients for protection against fungal infections of the feet.
  • Controls the formation of sweat
  • Feet become fresh, odourless, smooth and soft.
  • Invigorating camphor and cooling menthol relieve sore, aching feet immediately
  • Tired feet are given a new lease of life



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