Badger Organic Night-Night Balm with Lavender & Chamomile


  • 21g tin
  • All Natural Sleep Balm
  • Made in USA
  • For kids … and adults!

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Are you looking for an organic balm that can help soothe and relax your child (or even yourself!) before bedtime? If you are, then Badger’s Organic Night-Night Balm with Lavender and Chamomile is the ideal choice for you.

Badger’s Organic Night-Night Balm is a 100% certified organic balm designed specifically for kids, but which adults can use as well. It contains two essential oils, lavender and chamomile, which are known for their soothing and calming properties. These natural oils work together to help reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension. In addition, the balm’s formula also contains other beneficial ingredients like beeswax and jojoba oil, which help to nourish and protect the skin.

The balm is easy to apply and can be used on both the face and body. Simply put a small amount of the balm between your hands, rub them together to warm the balm, and then massage it gently into your skin. This simple application allows the balm’s soothing scent to fill the air and promote a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Using Badger’s Organic Night-Night Balm is a great way to help anyone to relax before bedtime. Plus, this balm is 100% certified organic, so you can be sure that you’re using only the best quality ingredients. So why not give it a try – your sleep (or your child’s) may thank you!

Not normally available in the UK, we import this balm from the United States so that us poor Brits can also benefit from a restful nights sleep every now and then!

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