Olive Oil Ear Drops

Ear Wax Drops – Softens and Removes Ear Wax – 10ml Bottle


  • Used to treat dry or hardened ear wax
  • Softens ear wax and eases discomfort
  • Use twice a day for seven days
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Ear Wax Drops

Ear wax is an oily substance produced to protect the eardrum. The amount of wax produced varies from person to person, but a build-up of  wax can lead to partial hearing loss.

Olive Oil is natural lubricant which gently softens and helps to remove excess wax.

Ear wax can’t be prevented but is it is our bodies natural form of protection from dirt and germs getting into the ear drum. However some people have a build up of wax, some reasons for this can be:

  • They naturally produce more then most
  • The older people get the wax can become harder and more difficult to fall out
  • Ear canals might be hairy or narrow
  • Some people might put things in their ear, which can push the wax further in the ear, e.g hearing aids, earplugs etc

Symptoms of a blocked ear due to excessive wax can include:

  • Earache
  • Difficulty hearing
  • Itchiness
  • Dizziness
  • An ear infection
  • Tinnitus

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