Moldex 7809 Spark Plugs Detect Corded Earplugs


  • Corded foam earplugs
  • Detectable
  • SNR value 32dB

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These Moldex Spark Plugs Detect corded earplugs were originally designed for use in the food industry, which is why they have a distinctive blue colour.

Spark Plugs Detect are a metal detectable version of Spark Plugs which has a metal detectable cord. The enclosed metal ball bearing eliminates any exposed metal. The ball bearing and cord are in separate holes so that the ear plugs remain detectable even if the cord is removed. The earplugs are corded to prevent ear plug loss.

Spark Plugs Detect Corded Earplugs are made from a special foam that is both soft and comfortable when worn whilst offering stiffness when rolled for easy insertion. The contoured shape of the earplugs gives it an extra safe fit at a high protection level. A non-detectable version of these corded SparkPlugs earplugs is also available.

All Moldex products and packaging are 100% free from PVC.

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