Hemp Seed Oil: More Than Just Omega Fatty Acids

Five Reasons You Should Consider Hemp Seed Oil Capsules – The Overlooked Superfood Supplement

Hemp seeds, although seeming unassuming, offer an impressive nutritional profile. Cold-pressed to extract the oil, what remains is used for other food products, but the oil itself harbours health benefits making it worthy of attention.

Hemp seed oil stems from the seeds of Cannabis sativa plants, always low in THC, not to be confused with CBD oil. The differences between these cannabis-derived options cause understandable uncertainty for consumers. However, hemp seeds themselves contain no cannabinoids, just high levels of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Potential Benefits Beyond Nutrition

In addition to the nutritional composition, some research indicates hemp seed oil may positively impact hormonal balances in the body. For example, during perimenopause and menopause, declining estrogen causes unpleasant symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, and osteoporosis in some women. Hemp seed oil may help attenuate these effects through gentle hormone modulation, reducing dependence on medications like hormone replacement therapy.

While research is still preliminary, if substantiated, this would further expand hemp oil’s therapeutic versatility. Hormone-modulating components may also partially explain alleviation of PMS symptoms like mood changes and cramping. The mechanisms require further investigation but initial findings show promise.

Hempseed Oil 1000mg Capsules

Immunity and Heart Health

While best incorporated as part of balanced nutrition, hemp seed oil uniquely supports immune health. Containing vitamin A, it enables white blood cell production to combat viruses and infections. It also provides immune-boosting vitamin D, which studies link to reduced risk of chronic illnesses. Moreover, iron maintains vital bodily functions, immunity among them.

Cholesterol comprises “bad” LDL components and “good” HDL. Hemp seed oil’s linoleic acid content reduces LDL levels in the bloodstream, decreasing bad cholesterol. In turn, dropping cholesterol lowers cardiovascular disease, stroke and hypertension risks. For health-conscious consumers and those genetically prone to high cholesterol, hemp offers potential for effective dietary management.

Beyond immunity and cholesterol support, hemp promotes overall heart health. Its well-balanced composition of linoleic, alpha linoleic and gamma linolenic fatty acids complements the cardiovascular system. Specifically, gamma linolenic acid demonstrably minimises inflammation. For those suffering from arthritis, in which inflammation causes chronic joint pain, hemp seed oil may provide relief without medication.

Gastrointestinal and Neurological Effects

Moreover, hemp seed oil eases PMS symptoms stemming from hormone fluctuations. Its anti-inflammatory qualities target the cramps and body aches accompanying menstruation. Simultaneously, gamma linolenic acid balances hormones, alleviating common mood instability and headaches. Consequently, hemp offers women an all-natural route to monthly comfort.

Eventually reaching menopause, women undergo hormonal shifts again, now decreasing estrogen. During this transition, hair thinning, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and osteoporosis may occur. Because hemp seed oil influences hormone levels, research indicates it could ease menopausal symptoms. Urging further investigation, initial findings propose hemp as a safer long-term alternative to conventional hormone therapy.

Beyond functionality for women, hemp seed oil may benefit gastrointestinal conditions, like IBS. Containing anti-inflammatory agents, the oil potentially minimises intestinal irritation and discomfort. For those adhering to restrictive diets too, it avoids gluten, soy, lactose and genetically modified ingredients. Suitability for various lifestyles underscores hemp’s versatility and applicability to daily nutrition.

Even cognitive health stands to benefit, indicated by hemp’s efficacy for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A study combining hemp seed oil with evening primrose oil and dietary changes concluded notable improvements among MS patients. Researchers highlighted antioxidative properties and anti-inflammatory results as the mechanisms of action. Though small in scale, the study suggests hemp protects neurological function for those with degenerative disorders.

Supplementing with Hemp Seed Oil

Given inflammation drives so many chronic ailments, hemp’s anti-inflammatory abilities trigger sweeping potential. However, rigorous research still needs conducting to fully substantiate effects on precise conditions. Until validated by robust clinical trials, consumers should temper expectations around proclaimed benefits lacking strong scientific consensus.

Still, existing research deems nutritional hemp oil safe and likely advantageous for overall wellness. Those seeking supplemental support may discover improvements from incorporating cold-pressed hemp seed oil into their diets. Convenient capsule form simplifies routine use for progressive health maintenance. Over time, the exceptional nutritional profile could compound subtle positive impacts, justifying hemp oil’s consideration.

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