Heighten Awareness Massage Oil – 50ml


  • Heighten Awareness Massage Oil
  • 50ml bottle
  • ready to use straight out of the bottle
  • blended with a Grapeseed base oil

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Our unique Heighten Awareness Massage Oil is made from a fantastic blend of Bergamot, Black Pepper and Petitgrain Essential Oils in a Grapeseed Base Oil. A massage with this fantastic oil will help relieve stress, boost mood and refresh the nervous system.

If you ever suffer the “mid-afternoon slump” or general mood swings, you may find that the Bergamot Oil in this blend is a great help. It can also help with exam nerves as it is an oil that is renowned for its ability to protect the nervous system. “Bergamot’s uplifting aroma can also help boost your mood and mental focus. Why not keep a bottle of this massage oil on your desk? Taking a few moments to breathe in the invigorating scent can provide an instant pick-me-up during the workday. For an extra refreshing treat, you could even add a couple of drops to a cold air diffuser or vaporiser. The zesty, citrusy fragrance is incredibly reviving – perfect for banishing that mid-afternoon slump.”

The warm and spicy attributes of Black Pepper make it a great essential oil for use after mental or physical exertion. If you are a worrier, this oil can help you to maintain mental balance.

Insomnia, headaches and anxiety can all be helped by Petitgrain essential oil. It can help balance overactive systems from the sebaceous glands, which can help to reduce spots and acne. It can also help to tone the nervous system, helping to reduce exhaustion and stress.

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