Radiant Skin Massage Oil – 50ml


  • Radiant SKin Massage Oil
  • 50ml bottle
  • ready to use straight out of the bottle
  • blended with a Grapeseed base oil

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This is a lovely winter blend massage oil featuring the spicy aroma of Sandalwood oil. A winter massage is enhanced by the warmth of the sandalwood in this blend. Sandalwood is also an oil that can help to clear the mind and promote clarity and serenity. At the same time, it’s soothing properties moisturises very dry skin.

You will also find Black Pepper Oil in this blend, which s another clarity-promoting essential oil.  The warming nature of Black Pepper Oil adds to this blend  and allows the oil to help with healthy circulation. Some say that it can even improve the sense of taste and smell,  so that the enjoyment of food is enhanced.

Finally, Mandarin oil is chosen for its ability to remove stress and anxiety and to tone the entire nervous system.

As you massage this nourishing blend into your skin, take a moment to breathe deeply and relish the calming aroma. The sweet, citrusy notes of mandarin mingle with the warm, woody tones of sandalwood like a cozy winter evening. Feel your muscles release their tension as the oil’s gentle heat promotes healthy circulation

Use this massage oil blend and you’ll feel both calm and clear-headed, with a marvellous sense of warmth and rebalancing. You skin will also feel radiant and alive.

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